Michelin City Pro motorcycle tyre at Motack, Penang – RM53-RM83 depends on sizes

City Pro Diagonal ViewMICHELIN, the market leader in tyre technology has showcased its latest innovation in the
Asian market with the new MICHELIN City Pro in a launch event on June 15 in Padang Kota
Lama in Penang, held in conjunction with the MOTACK 2014 and the Penang Bike Week
MICHELIN City Pro is the latest generation of Michelin motorcycle tyres especially designed
for intensive urban use and subjected to the most demanding of impacts and stresses. It is
intended for small motorcycles of up to 150cc and big-wheeled scooters.
Whether it is used by a city-dweller commuting to and from work, a courier or a delivery rider
battling through inner-city traffic jams on poor roads, the MICHELIN City Pro is perfectly
adapted to the needs of its users.
The MICHELIN City Pro tyre offers three significant advances in comparison with its
predecessor and rivals, namely unprecedented robustness to substantially reduce
punctures, enhanced safety and longer life.  Continue reading “Michelin City Pro motorcycle tyre at Motack, Penang – RM53-RM83 depends on sizes”

2014 Michelin City Pro motorcycle tyre launched in Malaysia – tube type tyre that is 20% more resistant to puncture

Verati Sdn Bhd, the distributor of Michelin motorcycle tyre in Malaysia introduces the Michelin City Pro, a tube type tyre that is 20% more resistant to puncture. Last year, Michelin has introduced the Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial which is a tubeless type tyre for the premium sporty under 250 rider who wants the best tyre in dry and wet condition.
Here are 10 interesting features and info about the Michelin City Pro: 
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Michelin Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial – the test ride


Michelin has provide the media ample time to test the performance of the two new tyre. They compared the Michelin Pilot Street Radial against the stock tyre that is the IRC Roadwinner which is fitted to 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R. First, we tested the IRC Roadwinner for 15 minutes and switched to the Michelin Pilot Street Radial. On IRC Roadwinner the bike already feels good and easy to take the straights and corners at the track. Both of the bikes tested are using the recommended tyre pressure as on bike manufacturer suggests. After changing to Michelin Pilot Street Radial, the first thing that we notice that the bike have less vibrations and handle the straight nicely. Cornering is also good and the feedback from the steering is better without the jitter from the bumpy track.   Continue reading “Michelin Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial – the test ride”

Michelin Pilot Street Radial – the best wet grip in the category


Another variant available at the launch is this Michelin Pilot Street Radial. As the name suggests, this Pilot Street Radial is made with radial-ply type compared to the Pilot Street that is made using bias-ply. What is the difference if you might ask. Here I embed a video to explain about it and you can watch it for better understanding of the differences: Continue reading “Michelin Pilot Street Radial – the best wet grip in the category”

Michelin Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial launched in Thailand for Asean Market – better wet grip and 30% more tyre life


Michelin has flown us to Thailand for the launch of two of their new offerings that is the Michelin Pilot Street tyres for below 150cc bikes and Michelin Pilot Street Radial tyres for 150cc to 300cc bikes. There are media that are invited from the respective launch target country that is Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia. It was an interesting launch event to meet bike media and enthusiasts from other neighbouring country. All of them has passion and lots of knowledge about bikes.

I’ll be dividing this article into three posts:

Part I about Michelin Pilot Street

Part II about Michelin Pilot Street Radial

Part III about the test ride.

Part I: Michelin Pilot Street

Pilot Street are targeted 100% street use positioning. This means that it is made to be able to handle the daily commute road stress and wear.consumer-targetMichelin have studied about their target consumers and their expectations for the tyres. Previous model of the Michelin tyre that is the Michelin Pilot Sporty (MPS) has been a great tyre but lack of grip in wet condition. Michelin Pilot Street are set to make this tyre having great grip whether on dry or wet road.  Continue reading “Michelin Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial launched in Thailand for Asean Market – better wet grip and 30% more tyre life”

2013 Shinko K3 iTrack motorcycle tyre in new sizes 100/70-17, 110/70-17 and 130/70-17


Shinko K3 iTrack tyres are now making its appearance in QBEE Motor shop. This K3 iTrack is designed in Seoul and made in Jinju, Korea. You can show your support of K-pop by using this tyre. In fact, I’m listening to Big Bang – Monster while writing this article. Hehe.

Previously, it is very hard to find tyres for our much loved Yamaha 135LC 5-speed which comes with an almost rare tyre size that is 100/70-17. Many had to revert to use the stock IRC tyre if it is available or use different size, maybe at 110/70 or even 130/70. But now, Shinko K3 iTrack comes with all that sizes that is 100/70-17, 110/70-17 and 130/70-17. The choice is now yours.

We have previously tried the previous generation of Shinko tyre that is the SR877 Evo, which we really liked. The performance on dry are great but at the same times gives a good grip under wet condition. It is made with a medium-soft compound which I think is easy to be worn, but actually it is quite durable, but not as durable as a very hard compound tyre.

This Shinko K3 iTrack is the upgrade of the SR877 Evo, so, we can expect better performance on it. How would we know unless we try it? No worries, we will receive the tyre for review next week. For men, getting a brand new good tyre really makes me happy inside.

BTW, here is the price, not cheap though (RRP from QBEE Motor):

100/70-17       MYR 192.31
110/70-17       MYR 215.39
130/70-17       MYR 238.46

Spyshot: 2012 All-New Shinko K3 iTrack

MM reader, Mr R has just sent in a couple of photos of what looks mysteriously like the new Shinko iTrack in development. He was at QBEE Superbike Centre looking for the new Kawasaki ER6N when he spotted this tyre at the counter. Loyal readers will know that QBEE Superbike Centre is one of the subsidiary companies belonging to The QBEE Motor Group and operate from similar premises in Johor Bahru.

He managed to take these two photos before the tyre was taken away by one of the shop assistants.  Continue reading “Spyshot: 2012 All-New Shinko K3 iTrack”

Maxxis MA-3D Now Available in 110/70-17 Size

Maxxis has released the new size addition to their popular MA-3D lineup that is the 110/70-17, 90/90-14, 80/90-14, 70/90-14. The 110/70-17 size are the specific size for the Yamaha 135LC ES 5-speed which are now comes stock with IRC tyres. This new size by Maxxis is a great response from them knowing that many 135LC ES 5-speed rider that needs to change their tyres soon. Even in the ads, the picture shown is the 135LC ES 5-speed wheel.