Motocycle Innovation Merancang Untuk Membina TS3 “Shockwave” Baru

  • Motorcycle Innovation dari Australia telah menerima dana baru untuk membina model TS3 “Shockwave” terkini.
  • Kerangka TS3 yang semasa dibangun daripada 2012 dilengkapi dengan ‘Triangulated Steering and Suspension System’.
  • TS3 Shockwave terbaru akan menggunakan enjin Testastretta 1198cc Ducati dengan berat keseluruhan 110kg.

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Honda Dual Clutch System for VFR-1200F

Honda Dual Clutch System for VFR-1200F

Scooter owners are readily familiar with automatic transmission that uses CVT. CVT can provide exceptional fuel economy but the problem with it is rubber-banding effect.

The more recent development in automatic transmission is dual-clutch system and now, being offered by Honda for its VFR-1200F. Even though VFR-1200F is not moped or underbone motorcycle, this development can be scaled for bikes below 150cc, in my opinion. We have seen the Honda’s PGM-FI version that has been transported to Honda Wave 125i, where it was thought impossible before. So, dual-clutch system might be coming soon to Honda’s moped lines. Continue reading “Honda Dual Clutch System for VFR-1200F”