Skru, Paku Dan Dawai Besi Berselerak Di Lebuhraya MEX?


  • Menurut sebuah pos yang telah dimuat naik baru-baru ini oleh seorang pengguna yang prihatin, Lebuhraya MEX (Maju Expressway) berselerak dengan paku, skru, dan dawai yang mana berkemungkinan boleh mendatangkan kecelakaan.
  • Encik Zul Mamu melaporkan penemuannya itu di laman Facebook berkenaan dengan segala serpihan yang boleh menyebabkan kemalangan dari plaza tol Salak Selatan sehingga ke laluan keluar Seri Kembangan.
  • Kami berharap kepada pihak berkuasa yang berkenaan untuk menangani keadaan ini dengan secepat mungkin bagi memastikan tidak berlakunya kejadian yang tidak diingini pada ribuan pengguna jalan raya yang berulang alik di atas jalan raya berkenaan setiap hari.

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Siri Tayar Motosikal Bahagian 2 :- Jenis-Jenis Tayar Motosikal Jalanan



  • Terdapat pelbagai jenis tayar motosikal jalanan berbeza yang ada di pasaran hari ini dari tayar cruiser sehinggalah ke tayar perlumbaan.
  • Kami akan meneliti beberapa jenis tayar bagi membantu anda memahami jenis-jenis yang berbeza dan bagaimana untuk memilih tayar yang terbaik untuk anda.
  • Pemilihan tayar yang sesuai dengan motosikal anda bergantung kepada beberapa faktor; jenis motosikal, gaya penunggangan, cuaca dan paling penting sekali, dimana dan bila anda menunggang.

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Apa Yang Anda Perlu Tahu Mengenai Tayar Motosikal – Bahagian 1


  • Selalunya motosikal lumba akan menggunakan tayar tanpa tiub sementara mereka yang menunggang secara kembara kadang-kadang akan menggunakan tayar bertiub yang lebih mudah untuk dibaiki.
  • Tekanan terlampau tinggi akan menyebabkan bahagian tengah tayar haus dengan lebih cepat dan mempengaruhi pengendalian keseluruhan.
  • Saiz tayar dipilih secara khas bersesuaian dengan bagaimana enjin dan kerangka dibina.
  • Cara yang termudah dan paling banyak digunakan untuk mengetahui saiz tayar adalah melalui sistem metrik dimana tiga nomber berbeza dipaparkan pada dinding tayar contohnya 120/70-11 atau 200/55-17.

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2014 Michelin City Pro motorcycle tyre launched in Malaysia – tube type tyre that is 20% more resistant to puncture

Verati Sdn Bhd, the distributor of Michelin motorcycle tyre in Malaysia introduces the Michelin City Pro, a tube type tyre that is 20% more resistant to puncture. Last year, Michelin has introduced the Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial which is a tubeless type tyre for the premium sporty under 250 rider who wants the best tyre in dry and wet condition.
Here are 10 interesting features and info about the Michelin City Pro: 
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Michelin Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial – the test ride


Michelin has provide the media ample time to test the performance of the two new tyre. They compared the Michelin Pilot Street Radial against the stock tyre that is the IRC Roadwinner which is fitted to 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R. First, we tested the IRC Roadwinner for 15 minutes and switched to the Michelin Pilot Street Radial. On IRC Roadwinner the bike already feels good and easy to take the straights and corners at the track. Both of the bikes tested are using the recommended tyre pressure as on bike manufacturer suggests. After changing to Michelin Pilot Street Radial, the first thing that we notice that the bike have less vibrations and handle the straight nicely. Cornering is also good and the feedback from the steering is better without the jitter from the bumpy track.   Continue reading “Michelin Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial – the test ride”

2013 Shinko K3 iTrack motorcycle tyre in new sizes 100/70-17, 110/70-17 and 130/70-17


Shinko K3 iTrack tyres are now making its appearance in QBEE Motor shop. This K3 iTrack is designed in Seoul and made in Jinju, Korea. You can show your support of K-pop by using this tyre. In fact, I’m listening to Big Bang – Monster while writing this article. Hehe.

Previously, it is very hard to find tyres for our much loved Yamaha 135LC 5-speed which comes with an almost rare tyre size that is 100/70-17. Many had to revert to use the stock IRC tyre if it is available or use different size, maybe at 110/70 or even 130/70. But now, Shinko K3 iTrack comes with all that sizes that is 100/70-17, 110/70-17 and 130/70-17. The choice is now yours.

We have previously tried the previous generation of Shinko tyre that is the SR877 Evo, which we really liked. The performance on dry are great but at the same times gives a good grip under wet condition. It is made with a medium-soft compound which I think is easy to be worn, but actually it is quite durable, but not as durable as a very hard compound tyre.

This Shinko K3 iTrack is the upgrade of the SR877 Evo, so, we can expect better performance on it. How would we know unless we try it? No worries, we will receive the tyre for review next week. For men, getting a brand new good tyre really makes me happy inside.

BTW, here is the price, not cheap though (RRP from QBEE Motor):

100/70-17       MYR 192.31
110/70-17       MYR 215.39
130/70-17       MYR 238.46

Shinko Colour Smoke Bomb Tyre


Woah, Shinko is the only manufacturer who can produce Superbike Smoke Bomb tyres, looks really nice and different.
Colourful smoke from the tyre will be produced when you are doing burnout with this Shinko Smoke Bomb Tyre. This tyre is for 2012 releases. And for now, it is for superbike only. Maybe we should all appeal for Shinko to make Smoke Bomb tyres for mopeds!!
Check out the Shinko burnout video after the jump.
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Tyre Safety and Maintenance Tips for ‘Balik Kampung’ by MIROS

Tyre Safety and Maintenance Tips

For our international readers, ‘balik kampung’ means going back to hometown. This happens everytime when there is holiday, usually for Aidilfitri, which is coming this 30 or 31 August.

This tyre safety and maintenance tips is compiled by MIROS (Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research) specifically to motorcycle and scooter and being given away to me while I was driving for ‘balik kampung’. Two-wheels rider are 15 times much more likely to involved in accident and I think this guide is a good thing by MIROS. It is written in Malay language, but lets just translate it to English for the sake of all readers. So, here goes:

Tyre Maintenance Guide:

1. Always check the tyre pressure once a week or much more frequent if the tyre is used for long distance riding daily.

2. Use pressure gauge to check the tyre pressure on cold condition.

3. Do not use worn tyres.

4. Do not ride with excessive weight limit as stated by the tyre sidewall. (Refer to Table A).

5. Follow the speed limit on the road and apply safe riding skill.

How to Read Tyre Information on the Sidewall, Table A and Table B (click to enlarge)

Tyre Buying Guide:

1. Make sure the tyre purchased have the MS or E label.

2. Change the tyre when the tread touched the warning zone ‘Tread Wear Indicator'(TWI).

Tread Wear Indicator

3. Tyre need to be replaced if:

i) cracked

ii) uneven wear

iii) bump on the tread or sidewall

4. Good tyre choice are important for your safety, comfort, handling and economy. (size, load index and speed rating)

Note: I wish you all have a safe journey. Be careful and think of your loved ones!

Happy holidays and SELAMAT HARI RAYA!

Shinko Evo SR877 Motorcycle Tyre Review (UPDATED!)

Shinko Evo SR877

I have been riding my Lagenda 115ZR for about a month with Shinko Evo SR877 and the results is great.

In one sentence I can say; Shinko SR877 makes me drive faster because it grips and make stopping better.

This tyre has made me ride better since the tyre is grippy and this helps greatly in accelerating and stopping. There is one situation that I have encounter while I was riding my bike near the traffic light road that proven the grip of this tyre. A bus have stopped abruptly in front of me while I was following it closely to overtake it, at that time the space on the right can’t be used since there is a car there so, what I can do is to brake as hard as I can and hope the bike will stop. And yes, the bike stops well without any skidding and the danger is aborted. I think this is due to the medium-soft compound used for this Shinko Evo SR877. With that in mind, I don’t mean for you to do this while using Shinko tyre or any tyre that matter since that is the situation is not planned. Drive safely and always wear the helmet!  Continue reading “Shinko Evo SR877 Motorcycle Tyre Review (UPDATED!)”