2011 Honda Icon SE (Special Edition)

2011 Honda Icon SE

Boon Siew Honda has just updated the Honda Icon with new addition to the family by including the Special Edition version. On the decals, it is printed ‘Racing Spirit’. Does this means any upgrade on the performance too?

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Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 2007 Brochure in Malaysia

Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 2007

It is only 4 years since the introduction of Yamaha 135LC in 2006, but this moped already has surpassed everything that makes it the King Of Moped. With the entry of Yamaha 135LC ES, the King gets better and unrivaled by any other manufacturer. Many of us already thinking to get the 2011 Yamaha 135LC, but this one is ahead of its competition and makes other manufacturer seems old, conservative and lazy because they don’t make bike to fight with the King.

2007 is the year for the first model of Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit launched in Malaysia.

There is Suzuki Belang R150 here in Malaysia, but that one is in another category. Belang R150 is the best moped in 150cc category, if only there is upgraded version of Yamaha 135LC to be Yamaha 150LC, of course, it will fight fiercely with Belang R150. Even if there is no Yamaha 150LC, we can just use the 57mm engine block of FZ-150i to 135LC and there you have it.

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Yamaha 125ZR 2005 Brochure

Yamaha 125ZR 2005 Brochure

I have found this brochure which I have never seen before. I’m delighted to have this brochure to share with all of you. Sometime, we need to change our Y125ZR sticker design and decals, so we need to have reference on how the sticker is properly placed. It might seems easy, but, I have tried to attach the decals to Y125ZR without any reference and it is confusing for some parts of the sticker placement.

With this brochure for 2005 Y125ZR design, I hope it can help you in any way possible.

I strongly think, Yamaha 125ZR is one of the perfect bike ever made for its class.

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Yamaha Nouvo LC – GP Edition in Malaysia at GTMax Motor

Yamaha Nouvo LC FIAT MotoGP Rossi Edition

I have visited GTMax Motor on Friday to pay for my bike and saw this nice Nouvo LC with FIAT coverset. I thought it is custom made by user, but actually made straight from factory.

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Yamaha MotoGP Sticker and Decals from Motovinyl.co.uk

Yamaha Rossi Decals from motovinyl.co.uk

For those of you who are looking to find high quality decals to fit to your Yamaha bikes, here it is. These high quality decals is being made by MotoVinyl and be bought online at motovinyl.co.uk.
The price is not cheap though. If you can afford YZF, then probably you can afford this.

Yamaha 125ZR 2007 Sticker Design

The current design of Yamaha 125ZR since 2007. The design of the bike is nice, simple and macho enough. It was debut in 1999 with the first generation of 125Z and later followed up with 125ZR, which better and meaner.

Technical Specification
Overall length x width x height
1,900 x 675 x 1,035 mm
Total Displacement
Seat Height
752 mm
Wheel base
1,250 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance
135 mm
Dry weight/ Curb weight
101 kg
Engine oil capacity
1.2 litre
Ignition system
Digital-advanced magneto type CDI
Constant mesh 6-speed
Brake front / rear
Single disc brake

At that time, there is no bike in the category that can compete with the bike. It was the era of Suzuki Best, Suzuki RG Sports, Yamaha SS, SS Two and Kawasaki K1, but none of the bike make a very deep impact like 125Z does. 125Z makes every other bike in the category seems like child plays. The technology offered by 125Z is far superior than what the people were thinking at that time and Yamaha was ahead in others in thinking of future of underbone bike.

I like this bike not because I want to rem pit, but I like what this bike has to offer.
You see, this is the only bike in the category that have monoshock suspension, front and rear disc brake, 6-speed gear, futuristic design and affordable!

Also, this bike is really fast. In standard condition, it can go up to 160km/h, tune the exhaust a bit, it’ll go up to 180km/h, tune it a little bit more, then you can’t measure the speed anymore since the meter is maxed at 180km/h!
I have heard that this bike can be tune to get 180 km/h just in the fourth gear.

Safety will become a thing to think here. Enjoy the speed only in the track. Not in public highway. Drive safely and be smart!

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