1993-2001 Honda NSR125R Technical Specifications

Honda NSR125R

Engine Type: Single Cylinder Liquid Cooled 2-Stroke
Crankcase Reed Valve Induction
Bore and Stroke: 54mm x 54.5mm
Capacity: 124.8cc
Compression Ratio: 6.8:1
Carburettor: 28mm Delorto PHBH
Clutch: Wet Multi Plate with Coil Springs
Maximum Power (UK Restricted model): 12.5hp @ 9500 rpm
Maximum Power (Unrestricted model): 28hp @ 9500 rpm
Maximum Torque: Not Available
Ignition: CDI
Spark Plug Type: Not Available
Spark Plug Gap: 0.7mm – 0.8mm (0.028″ – 0.031″)
Idle Speed: 1300rpm 100rpm  Continue reading “1993-2001 Honda NSR125R Technical Specifications”

Honda NSR250 MC21 – The Proper Street Racer Look

One of my favourite Honda 2-stroke bike of all time, the Honda NSR250. I like every series of the NSR actually, but this one is pure desirable. The rectangle headlight looks simple and modern at the same time. Every shape and curves fits the bike perfectly and with 250cc 2-stroke engine, it could be the only machine you need.  Continue reading “Honda NSR250 MC21 – The Proper Street Racer Look”

Full Throttle Honda NSR250R MC28 Motorcycle Battle [Video]

This is a definitely great video about Honda NSR250R MC28 battle in 1995 Full Throttle Hong Kong movie featuring the popular actor, Andy Lau.

Thanks to Man Tupai showing me the link.

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NSR-World.com: The Ultimate Honda NSR Guide

After digging on the net for more information about Honda NSR, I’ve found this NSR World website that tells a lot of story about it. The information there are indeed priceless and the history there are well written.

Let me show you one of its story about 1994 Honda NSR250R MC28. Below is the excerpt taken from NSR World.

1994~ NSR250R MC28

In November 1993 the first MC28 went on sale. The styling was only subtly changed, with the seat unit and nose fairing mimicing the factory NSR500 and NSR250 respectively. There was one major styling difference though… the Pro-Arm rear swingarm. This swingarm, originally designed and used on the RC30 for endurance racing, was the last word in styling!

NSR250 MC28
NSR250SE MC28  Continue reading “NSR-World.com: The Ultimate Honda NSR Guide”

Retro Malaysian Rider Forum: Home of Retro Bikes

Yamaha TZR250SPR 3XV in RMR Forum

After writing a little bit about the Yamaha TZR250SP, I got more information about its availability in Malaysia in Retro Malaysian Rider(RMR) forum. Thanks to alexz for the precious information.

The RMR forum are very informative and they have a lot of discussion about Yamaha TZR250, Suzuki RGV250 and Honda NSR250. Almost all the retro bikes are being discussed there.

I share this forum on my blog, because sometimes we can’t find it via Google, maybe because it is buried deep inside the Google search results. So, I hope this finding is informative.

RMR can be visited here: Continue reading “Retro Malaysian Rider Forum: Home of Retro Bikes”

Honda NSR150RR

Honda NSR150RR for sale at RM5500

Before the Honda NSR150SP make its appearance in 2002, the Asia world are dominated with the older sibling that is the Honda NSR150RR. RR stands for ‘Race Replica’ or is it ‘Race Ready’?. At that time, Honda dominated the Motorcycle Grand Prix by winning almost every races by the rider, Mick Doohan, with his NSR500 bike. NSR are nomenclature used by Honda for its 2-stroke bike. This means that the 90’s are the heaven of 2-strokes bike along with the recognition in the racing world. But now, there are fewer and fewer 2-stroke bikes involve in racing and much more fewer are going to be produced. Luckily, Aprilia still holding on to produce the RS125.

Europe Union has stopped the import and production of 2-stroke bike above 50cc in 2003. That leaves a lot of biker in Greece, UK and many more not to enjoy the need for speed of these great bikes.

In Malaysia, this bike is still available in used condition. As pictured above, I have found one in immaculate condition on mudah.my at RM5500 which is reasonably priced, but could be cheaper.

While reading on the net about this bike, I have stumbled upon this blog which blogs about NSR150RR. Also, read this one too.