Modified Suzuki Belang R150 with Leo Vince exhaust and single-side swing arm

One of the nicest mod I have ever seen for the powerful Suzuki Belang R150 (or Raider 150 somewhere else). At first, you’ll notice the inclusion of the Leo Vince exhaust pipe. On closer inspection, you’ll then notice that it is using single-side swing arm from the ever popular NSR150SP.

via: Hweemeng Tan > Racing Boy FB

Honda NSR150SP Swimming in Bangkok Flood [Video]

20111118-090531 PTG.jpg

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This NSR150SP has been seen swimming inside the flood that happened recently in Bangkok. The rider has modified the exhaust pipe outlet to a level higher than the bike seat. The air inlet are also modified to be placed on the dashboard. This is to make sure both air flow from the carb to the exhaust not being filled with the flood.
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Honda NSR150SP Technology Brochure

Honda NSR150SP Technology Brochure

I’m filling my days researching and finding infos about Honda NSR 150SP. This is one of my great find. Too bad it is written in Thai.

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2002 Honda NSR150SP Technical Specification

Honda NSR150SP

One of the most powerful 150cc 2-stroke bike ever made. Honda NSR150SP is rated at 38.96hp which is much more powerful than the 2011 Honda CBR250R 250cc 4-strokeĀ  engine which is at 26hp. Nowadays, this bike is rare, but the prices are still acceptable. A look up in shows that this bike is at RM6000-7000 which is great for a powerful bike with Repsol race stripe.

Model Name: NSR SP 2002 Model
Engine Type: 2 stroke – crank case reed valve water cooled engine, RC valve
Displacement: 149cc
Compression Ratio: 6.8 : 1
Maximum Power: 39.5 ps (38.96hp)/10,500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 2.75 kg-m (26.97 Nm)/ 10,000 rpm Continue reading “2002 Honda NSR150SP Technical Specification”

Honda NSR 150 SP for Sale at RM6,880

Honda NSR 150 SP for Sale at RM6,880

I’ve found this at This Honda NSR 150 SP is one of the greatest 150cc production bike with the most advanced technology at the time it is launched. IMHO, it is the perfect 150cc 2-stroker ever made by any manufacturer. Not even challenged by Yamaha TZM-150. It features the ever popular pro-Arm mono swing arm which is derived for the MotoGP race bike ride by Mick Doohan.

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