Honda Street Cub mods – the good made better


Street Cub is a modified Honda C50/C70 made to look modern but at the same time holds it unique flair of the Honda design. This craze has been taking over Malaysia and it is easy to find Street Cub like this anywhere in Malaysia. In fact, I also got to see one at my place in Banting. It is sure looking good.

The mods include the use of wide front and rear tyre to make it look like a chopper stance. The rear mudguard is shortened to expose more of the wide tyre.   Continue reading “Honda Street Cub mods – the good made better”

2-stroke Yamaha Exciter (135LC) modified in Vietnam [Video included]

Exciter-2-stroke-135LC-045Reading the word ‘Ex 2 Thi’ on the Youtube video as posted by Kevin Le make me clueless about what the video is going to be about. Then, I notice in the video that there is Yamaha 135LC (Exciter in Vietnam) with an exhaust from a 2-stroke bike. Literally, that word means ‘2-stroke Ex’. When the bike is started and the exhaust started to make noises, it is really 2-stroke 135LC! This mod is not just an engine transplant but most of the part used are still maintained from the original 135LC engine. We can see the engine casing is still standard stock from the original 135LC. The job in making this modification possible is not easy in my opinion. So, we from salute you, Vietnam modders.

You’ll want to see the video as the prove that the engine is really 2-stroke:  Continue reading “2-stroke Yamaha Exciter (135LC) modified in Vietnam [Video included]”

COM* Mono Swing Arm for Yamaha 135LC – RM2300 by Ben NG Nakasone


Ben Ng of Nakasone in Sentul has update us in his FB about this new mono swing arm by COM* (pronounced COM-star). This would be a great part to have as an alternative to the very rare elf-Honda mono swing arm that is equipped as stock on Honda NSR150SP. I know you want this. The price is at RM2300 which is normal for those who knows about this beautiful thing. Get one for your 135LC and post the picture to us. BTW, there are more pictures after the jump in the gallery, check it out:  Continue reading “COM* Mono Swing Arm for Yamaha 135LC – RM2300 by Ben NG Nakasone”

Randy de Puniet’s Deus Australia Kawasaki W650 Custom

Randy de Puniet has asked Deus Australia – a popular custom bike modders there to make a middleweight twin with orange, black and white colour scheme. Deus Australia comes up with the Kawasaki W650 and start working on it by replacing the stock tank with custom fitted SR500 fuel tank and speedometer on the center top of it. The headlight takes the cues vintage style along with tachometer to support the overall theme.  Continue reading “Randy de Puniet’s Deus Australia Kawasaki W650 Custom”