Ducati Mini Monster Honda MSX 125 by XSpeed, Thailand


XSpeed from Thailand has transform this Honda MSX 125 to follow the style of the Ducati Monster. The red colour matched the unmistaken Monster dominant colour. The white stripe on the front mudguard also shows the usual Monster style. Nice job!  Continue reading “Ducati Mini Monster Honda MSX 125 by XSpeed, Thailand”

2-stroke Yamaha Exciter (135LC) modified in Vietnam [Video included]

Exciter-2-stroke-135LC-045Reading the word ‘Ex 2 Thi’ on the Youtube video as posted by Kevin Le make me clueless about what the video is going to be about. Then, I notice in the video that there is Yamaha 135LC (Exciter in Vietnam) with an exhaust from a 2-stroke bike. Literally, that word means ‘2-stroke Ex’. When the bike is started and the exhaust started to make noises, it is really 2-stroke 135LC! This mod is not just an engine transplant but most of the part used are still maintained from the original 135LC engine. We can see the engine casing is still standard stock from the original 135LC. The job in making this modification possible is not easy in my opinion. So, we from MotoMalaya.net salute you, Vietnam modders.

You’ll want to see the video as the prove that the engine is really 2-stroke:  Continue reading “2-stroke Yamaha Exciter (135LC) modified in Vietnam [Video included]”

Iron Man Modified Yamaha FZ-150i

Nice custom work by Preslie Saraza. The gold and red scheme works well on the body but what about the head lamp?

via: Ride the Machine: http://thenewcaferacersociety.blogspot.com/2012/11/blog-post_3021.html

via: GG Figure News: http://gg-figure-news.blogspot.com/2012/11/iron-man-motorcycle-by-preslie-saraza.html