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Spyshot: Is this Yamaha 150LC spotted testing in Malaysia?

Monday, January 19th, 2015


There are 3 images that shows the alleged Yamaha 150LC (or Exciter FI 150 in Vietnam) spotted on few tests on the roads in Malaysia.
We can see the Malaysian roadtax on the car that takes the picture of the bike.
The image is not clear, but I can see the exhaust pipe is really looking the same like the Exciter FI 150 that recently launched in Vietnam. Check out 2 more pictures after the jump and decide it yourself whether this is Yamaha 150LC or not.  (more…)

Official Studio Pictures of 2015 Yamaha Exciter FI 150 in Vietnam – tech specs and brochure included

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015


Official gallery of the recently launched 2015 Yamaha Exciter FI 150 in Vietnam has surfaced on the Internet and we are now able to see the clearer pictures of the bike and also checks out the technical specs to see what has been improved from the previous generation Yamaha T135 / 135LC.  (more…)

2015 Yamaha Exciter RC 150 – is this the 150LC? [UPDATED]

Thursday, December 11th, 2014


A clearer photo of the alleged 150LC (135LC in 150cc form) in yellow here is looking just a little different that the 135LC. We can easily recognise the wide fairing light and the wide body it have. (more…)

Spyshot: 2015 Yamaha Exciter RC – the 150LC?

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

yamaha-exciter-rc has updated this image of the rumored Yamaha Exciter RC which comes with 150cc engine. We are not sure whether this is the real thing or not, but the possibility of it is very high.

The tail light is different than the current Yamaha 135LC along with the long rear plate holder. The signal indicator are now separated as to follow the UNECE regulation. The exhaust are also different. The rear tyre remain the wide one and the it is still equipped with the disc brake system.



2014 Yoshimura Carbon End full exhaust system for Yamaha 135LC 4S and 5S – RM7XX

Friday, September 26th, 2014


Sinar Puncak Sdn Bhd has updated the popular Yoshimura full exhaust system with the carbon fibre end for Yamaha 135LC. It is available for 135LC Super Sport which is 4-speed and the Extreme Spirit with 5-speed. It was once priced at RM1,200, but now at RM7XX, this makes it more accessible for more bike tuners.

Contact for more info.