Husqvarna Sertai Bajaj Dalam Kerjasama Pengeluaran Dengan KTM


  • Bajaj telah mengumumkan bahawa mereka akan memulakan pengeluaran motosikal Husqvarna dengan menyertakan pengeluar motosikal dari Sweden itu dalam kerjasama pengeluaran dengan KTM.
  • Kerjasama pengeluaran ini akan menyaksikan motosikal Husqvarna Svartpilen dan Vitpilen 401 dikeluarkan dari kilang Chakan milik Bajaj yang terletak di India yang telah pun mengeluarkan model-model KTM berkapasiti kecil.
  • Bajaj telah menyatakan bahawa mereka mensasarkan untuk mengeluarkan sekitar 100,000 model KTM dan Husqvarna menjelang penghujung tahun ini dan menggandakannya pada tahun berikutnya jika semuanya berjalan dengan lancar.

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2014 KTM RC125 launched in Linz, Austria


The Race Competition series full-fairing street legal supersports machine, KTM RC125, has been launched in its homegrown Linz, Austria.
It is based from the Duke 125 which is a popular entry level beginner bike in Europe and some parts of the world.
It got all the sweet parts including the WP-Suspension 43mm USD front fork derived from RC8 R, ByBre 300mm brake system and iconic orange lightweight Trellis frame.  Continue reading “2014 KTM RC125 launched in Linz, Austria”

2014 KTM RC125, RC200 & RC390 officially unveiled – street legal super sports machine


KTM unveiled its trio of super sport series named RC in EICMA, Italy. The trio are RC125, RC200 and RC390. The subject of this bike is to make it more track friendly and appeal to younger rider that are starting to learn to ride track bikes. Personally, I like the double headlight cluster that is enclosed in elongated frame that looks very different that what we always see. This might be the iconic look for KTM super sports bike for years to come as what BMW have done with the squinty headlight of the S1000RR.

You might already know the nice features of this bike that include steeper steering angle and more forward riding position. The wheelbase are much shorter for that ‘flickability’ manner. It retains the rigid Trellis frame from the Duke base model. Seeing this bike on the road will surely turns some heads around since the style is really noticable and spark a chat between rider and onlookers. Just enjoy the high resolution gallery after the jump and enjoy the sleepless night thinking of this bike:  Continue reading “2014 KTM RC125, RC200 & RC390 officially unveiled – street legal super sports machine”

KTM Race Competition RC200 based on the 200 Duke – RC125 also available

200_RC_Duke__front_reEICMA is today and there are many bikes to be revealed including this two from KTM, the Race Competition series. We already have heard about the KTM RC390 that has been leaked from KTM Canada, but now there are two more versions coming out, the KTM RC200 and KTM RC125. KTM RC200 is based from the KTM 200 Duke while the KTM RC125 is naturally based from the 125 Duke. If you notice, all these three bikes are actually siblings, since the 125 Duke is the inspiration for 200 Duke and 390 Duke is the more powerful version of the 200 Duke. The acronym RC has been used long time ago since the introduction of the KTM RC8 to refer to its track ability.  Continue reading “KTM Race Competition RC200 based on the 200 Duke – RC125 also available”