Jelajah Kawasaki “Always Closer to You” Menggegarkan Pasir Gudang, Johor


  • Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. telah membuat hentian kedua di Pasir Gudang,Johor sebagai sebahagian daripada jelajah Kawasaki “Always Closer to You” pada hujung minggu yang lalu.
  • Lebih daripada 2,500 pengunjung telah menghadiri jelajah ini bagi menyertai acara-acara jelajah ini terutamanya sesi tunggang uji bagi ke semua model motosikal Kawasaki yang terbaru.
  • Orang ramai dari sekitar Pasir Gudang dan Johor Bahru telah diberikan peluang bagi menunggang uji ke semua motosikal bermula daripada motosikal ‘pit’ Z125 yang menyeronokan sehinggalah model yang cukup gah berkuasa, Z900 ABS 2017.

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Model  Kawasaki 2018 Bakal Menerima Warna Baru!



  • Sesetengah model Kawasaki 2018 akan mendapat pengubahsuaian rupa paras dengan beberapa warna baru yang menarik.
  • Model-model ini terdiri daripada Kawasaki Z1000, Z1000SX, Versys 650, Vulcan S, Vulcan S CAFÉ, dan juga Versys-X 250/300.
  • Warna baru 2018 akan tersedia untuk pasaran Eropah dalam beberapa peringkat bermula dari bulan Oktober tahun ini.

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Kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe Racer by Oficina MRS – the racer we all need


A great custom cafe racer modded by Oficina MRS to the base model of Kawasaki Vulcan S. The lowered handle bar, thin seat, straight line along the fuel tank. Stubby exhaust and overall green colour making this bike looks very beautiful. This is the racer we all need.

Source: Return of Cafe Racer

VIDEO: Official 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 Introduction – below RM30k


A great introduction video to showcase the features and the highlight of the 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S 650. Coming soon to Malaysia sometime next year with the price said to be lower than RM30,000.One thing that is interesting is that you can adjust the footrest in three step to suit your height. Not just that, you can also adjust the handlebar to make it fit to your reach.

Previously we have seen the Vulcan VN500 which has become a popular long time ago as a cruiser of choice. There is also Yamaha Virago XV535 at that time that rides along the road in Malaysia. I remember that it shows someone who rides a cruiser like this is a rich man since only rich man can buy big bikes. Now, at only RM30,000, almost everyone can enjoy what the rich man have too. Check out the video embed after the jump: Continue reading “VIDEO: Official 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 Introduction – below RM30k”

2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2, H2R and Vulcan S unveiled in Malaysia


Launched at Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is first country in Asia to have the Kawasaki Ninja H2 and H2 R (not including Japan). I’m thinking this is due to Malaysia that have the proper place to have the power of this bike to be unleashed, that is the Sepang Circuit. As we know, the Ninja H2 R are track only bike and you can never have it registered to make it road legal, so, it is logic that Malaysia to have it available. For the road use, you can still obtain the Ninja H2 which is road legal hyperbike that can maxes out 300km/h, but on the road, you should limit the speed to only 110km/h.

Kawasaki Vulcan S is also an interesting bike to have here in Malaysia. It is a cruiser which suits the condition in Malaysia since we have nice coastal beach street that we can enjoy riding it. Previously, Malaysia have already have the Kawasaki Vulcan VN500 that proves to be popular sometimes ago. Priced below RM30,000, this is one bike that offer excellent value-for-money. You’ll get 650cc bike with a muscular look from Kawasaki that proves to be reliable. Revival of the cruiser as said by Kawasaki Malaysia. I guessing this Vulcan S will be hugely popular once again in Malaysia. It just ticks all the box correctly. Great engine? Check. Nice design? Check. Cheap price? Check!

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2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 ABS – revival of Vulcan since 1985 – below RM30,000


Kawasaki Vulcan has been a popular choice for riders who are looking for easy-rider bike in 1980s with the model VN750 produced from 1985 until 2006. In US, there is the availability of VN700, since there is the tariff restriction of bikes from Japan to be marketed there.

15_EN650AB_F_1-4Previously the VN750 is equipped with V-twin engine but this 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 is equipped with parallel twin engine with the displacement of 650cc. The power of the engine is not known since there is no specs released just yet. The rear shocks is adopted from the design like the one used in ER-6n with features a ‘sleeping’ shock. Continue reading “2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 ABS – revival of Vulcan since 1985 – below RM30,000”