Kawasaki Fun Carnival 2011 at Shah Alam Mini Stadium on 24th April

Kawasaki Fun Carnival 2011

I’ll be going to this event tomorrow. You should be there too. I should have posted this earlier but I don’t know there is this banner on Kawasaki website.

Main activities are:

1. Kawasaki Ninja 250R Cup 2011

2. Kawasaki Bike Beauty Contest 2011

3. Mini bike fair, accessories for sale and many more!

Date: 24th April 2011

Venue: Shah Alam Mini Stadium (next to Stadium Shah Alam Main Entrance)

Time: 8.00 am to 6.00pm

Be there!

Kawasaki Ninja 250R with Red DNA’s of BIKERS by Massive Dynamic, Thailand

A very smart and strong looks has been achieved by Massive Dynamic modders from Thailand for this Kawasaki Ninja 250R. The red colour that is choosen give the bike extraordinary looks and stance. You can get this parts for your bike too.

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2008 Kawasaki Ninja KRR-ZX150 Special Edition Brochure

2008 Kawasaki Ninja KRR-ZX150 Special Edition

One of the few remaining 2-stroke bikes that are still available for sale in Malaysia.


If looks can kill, the Ninja KRR ZX150 Special Edition’s bold new race inspired colours and graphics will blow you away standing still.

The cool looking Ninja KRR ZX150 Special Edition will further strengthens Kawasaki’s domination of the 150cc category. Its race inspired styling and track blazing performance will put a smile on the most demanding riders.

SUPER KIPS enhanced engine
The high revving 2 stroke, liquid cooled, single cylinder with Kawasaki’s patented SUPER KIPS (Kawasaki Integrated Power Valve System), will ensure continuous power delivery across the entire power band. For those who demand more power, the Ninja KRR ZX150 Special Edition will not disappoint.

Dual –piston calipers front and rear ventilated disc brakes
The powerful dual-calipers front and rear ventilated disc brakes will bring the Ninja KRR ZX150 Special Edition to a complete stop in a matter of seconds safely and confidently.

Aluminum swing-arm stabilizer
The aluminum swing-arm stabilizer enhances performance stability at all speeds whether you are dancing through the daily congetsed city traffic or blazing down the highway.

Liquid-cool for more consistent and prolonged engine performance
The liquid-cooled engine allows greater cooling capability to enhance performance and improves engine durability especially in the city’s stop and go traffic.

Wide 17’ wheel
Aggressive and impressive looking alloy wheels for a sleeker and meaner look and performance.

Large multi-reflector headlight
The large multi-reflector headlight of the Ninja KRR ZX150 Special Edition gives it a distinctive look while enhancing safer riding at high speed day or night.

Sports Tail Cover
The sports tail cover gives the Ninja KRR150R Special Edition a more aggressive and sharper racer silhouette.
Visit a Kawasaki dealer today and see the Ninja KRRZX150R Special Edition in the flesh and you will be impressed.

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2011 Kawasaki D-Tracker X in Malaysia

2011 Kawasaki D-Tracker X

Kawasaki is one of the greatest name in motorcycle industries and it should be mention on this blog. Kawasaki small bikes lower than 150cc previously are hard to find in Malaysia since they have collaboration with Modenas to make the small bikes.

This 2011 Kawasaki D-Tracker X with 250cc and fuel injection has now come to Malaysia in CKD (completely knocked down). This should lowers the price but at RM23,799.00 for a single cylinder engine, that is not cheap. For comparison, Kawasaki Ninja 250R with parallel twin engine is at RM23,500.00.

Even with that kind of price, the specification of the D-Tracker X are good. You’ll get a dual purpose bike with 17″ wheels, large front and rear disc brake, fuel injected engines and great motocross styling from Kawasaki design house.

Dual purpose bike that have appearance like motocross and high ground clearance are now getting popular in Malaysia, due to the road condition here are not smooth. There are many pot holes all the way in federal road and some in city road. PLUS highway are good road, but it is not everyday the bikers use the road to get to work. One more reason for bikers to consider the off-road motocross bike is because there can be flash flood in just few minutes of rain especially in Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur. When it happens, the normal moped tends to stall since the carburetor is placed lower than the one in off-road motocross bikes.

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