Honda NM4 Kembali Untuk Tahun 2017

  • Honda NM4 dijanakuasa oleh enjin sejukan cecair, selari-berkembar, SOHC 670cc.
  • Kesemua kuasanya diarah ke roda belakang melalui enam kelajuan automatik serta dua tatacara automatik dan tatacara manual yang juga dikenali sebagai DCT (Transmisi Dwi Klac).
  • Boleh didapati di pasaran Amerika Syarikat pada bulan Jun ini dengan harga $11,299 (sekitar RM50,130)

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2017 Honda NM4 bertema “Ghost In The Shell”

Honda memperkenalkan NM4 yang berkonsep masa depan terdekat dengan tema dari francais Hantu di Dalam Cangkerang (Ghost in the Shell).

Ghost in the Shell merupakan satu karya sains fiksyen yang merujuk kepada masa hadapan dimana manusia menggunakan alat gantian anggota badan yang diperbuat dari mesin.  Continue reading “2017 Honda NM4 bertema “Ghost In The Shell””

2014 Honda NM4 Vultus has arrived to Malaysia – RM84,000 basic

Honda NM4 MalaysiaSome say that this bike reminds them to the Akira bike in the Japan manga. I’d think it looks like that too. Honda says that bike is actually inspired from a style called Neo-futuristic. Whatever it is, this Honda NM4 Vultus that is powered by 745cc inline twin engine paired with Dual Clutch Transmission is one of the most interesting styling coming Japan so far.
Luckily, Ah Hong Motor has shown that this bike is already available in Malaysia and the price is at RM84,000 (basic). Will you be interested to buy it if you have the dough?

Picture are from Ah Hong Motor FB.

2014 Honda NM4 Vultus now available in Singapore – Japan futuristic-style machine


We just read about this 750cc jet fighter futuristic style bike unveiled in 30th Osaka Motorcycle Show 2014 in Japan in March but now the bike are already available in our neighbour shore, Singapore, as posted by Speedway Motor Singapore.

The NM4 Vultus specs is advanced too as it includes 6-speed hydraulic dual clutch transmission. Practicality also has been taken into consideration as there are two storage compartment on the left and right front fairing.  Continue reading “2014 Honda NM4 Vultus now available in Singapore – Japan futuristic-style machine”

Honda Exhibits World Premiere of New Concept Model “NM4” 750cc Bike – a hint of a jet fighter styling


Honda held its press conference at the 30th Osaka Motorcycle Show 2014 and unveiled the world premiere of two types of its new production model “NM4” as an exhibition model (planned for production).

The NM4 was developed under the keywords of “the Neo-futuristic” and “COOL,” pursuing new, unique styling.

This NM4 was designed to realize two points; the design concept “the Front Massive Styling” and “the cockpit position” focusing on the sense of unity with the rider, that the rider can smoothly get into the vehicle. The low-setup cockpit position and adjustable backrest provide an enjoyable new riding feel. The instrument panel was designed to provide clear readability and the fun riding, as if the rider was experiencing part of a movie scene.

LED lamps are used on the headlight of the powerful-looking front fairing, the tail lamp and the turn signals. In addition, the utility boxes are set up on the right and left sides of the front fairing for small articles.

Two NM4 types were unveiled at the motorcycle show; the simply-configured “NM4-01” which emphasizes its wide, dynamic rear tire and attractive low silhouette, and the “NM4-02” which emanates a unique presence and features a prominent rear design (containing utility boxes on each side of the rear body).

The NM4 will also be exhibited at the 41st Tokyo Motorcycle Show from Friday, March 28 to Sunday, March 30 at Tokyo Big Sight.  Continue reading “Honda Exhibits World Premiere of New Concept Model “NM4” 750cc Bike – a hint of a jet fighter styling”