2016 Honda CBR500R (RM31,681.28), CB500F (RM31,363.28), CB500X (RM31,893.28) & CB500XA (RM35,391.28 ABS) kini hadir ke Malaysia

16YM CB500F
2016 Honda CB500F

Boon Siew Honda mengalu-alukan siri Honda 500 yang terkini dengan memperkenalkan ciri-ciri serba baharu dalam model CBR500R, CB500F dan CB500X model yang dinanti oleh pengguna Malaysia pada tahun 2016.
Enjin Honda 500 ini didatangkan dengan 471cc DOHC dengan system penyejuk cecair dwi selari yang menawarkan pengalaman terbaik kepada setiap penunggang. Gerek dan lejang model baharu ini direka pada saiz 67mm x 66.8mm telah dipertingkatkan lagi bagi menyalurkan kuasa iaitu 37KW @ 8,500RPM dan tork maksimum mencapai 44Nm @ 7,000RPM. Kapasiti tangki petrol juga telah dipertingkatkan untuk CBR500R & CB500R dari 15.7 liter ke 16.7 liter dan 17.5 liter untuk CB500XContinue reading “2016 Honda CBR500R (RM31,681.28), CB500F (RM31,363.28), CB500X (RM31,893.28) & CB500XA (RM35,391.28 ABS) kini hadir ke Malaysia”

2016 Honda CB500F


Honda prepares the CB500F in a sharper styling for 2016. The naked street bike has been a popular choice for beginner since its introduction in 2013. The price for the 2013 Honda CB500F was just below RM29k in Malaysia, which makes it one the most affordable 500cc bike available.   Continue reading “2016 Honda CB500F”

Scorpion Serket Parallel exhaust for Honda CBR500R, CB500F and CB500X


Scorpion also has released its flavour of the sweet sounding Serket Parallel exhaust for the Honda CBR500R. This model also fits the CB500F and CB500X. It should increase the power a bit as shown by the data below:

                                                 O.E Style Scorpion Max Gain
Power (BHP) 42.1 Serket 43.2 +1.1
Weight (KG) 4.2 Serket 2.5 -1.7
Noise (dB) 84 Serket 85.5 +1.5

Replacing the exhaust is one of the easiest modification you can do to increase the power and at the same time adjusting the soundtrack of your bike. Check out 4 more pictures after the jump: Continue reading “Scorpion Serket Parallel exhaust for Honda CBR500R, CB500F and CB500X”

Arrow and Akrapovic Slip-on exhaust for Honda CBR500R, CB500F

arrow-slip-on-exhaust-cbr500r You are thinking to buy this bike and thinking what exhaust are available right now in Malaysia for you to upgrade the soundtrack of the CB 500 trio. Look no further as BikeTech Malaysia has shown to us the Arrow and Akrapovic slip-on exhaust to be fitted. This particular Arrow that is installed on the CBR500R should increase a little of power and at the same time upgrade the nice note to its soundtrack. Check out more images in gallery below:  Continue reading “Arrow and Akrapovic Slip-on exhaust for Honda CBR500R, CB500F”

2013 Honda CB 500 Trio has arrived to Malaysia – CBR500R RM28,588, CB500F RM28,288 and CB500X RM28,688


The CB 500 trio that we have been waiting for has arrived in Malaysia. What’s better is the price that is lower than RM35k as rumored before. This is a great time for any moped rider that has been waiting for so long to get a hold on superbikes. Wait no more, this is the time! Check out the official press release below:

Kuala Lumpur, 01 August 2013: Boon Siew Honda welcomes the latest addition of CB 500 series with introduction of the highly anticipated CBR500R, CB500F and CB500X models.According to Mr Satoshi Okada, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Boon Siew Honda, the CB 500 series exemplify Honda’s reputation in superior design and innovation, powerful performance and legendary durability and dependability. These mid-size machines are specially equipped with unique features and excellent value for money based on the platform – ‘Designed for Asian, Developed for Malaysian’. Riders looking for ‘Affordable Mobility’ with a fun combination of power, handling, racy excitement and everyday usability now have more choices to choose from the CB 500 series. The Supersport, Naked Style and Adventure Sport models are ready to drive the market with greater value and motoring excitement. Continue reading “2013 Honda CB 500 Trio has arrived to Malaysia – CBR500R RM28,588, CB500F RM28,288 and CB500X RM28,688”