Yamaha SRX and SRV on Yamaha Malaysia Website

Yamaha SRX 100cc and SRV 100cc along with Yamaha 125ZR and Yamaha 135LC

While browsing to look at 2010 Yamaha Malaysia bikes line-up, I stumble upon this two familiar bikes that is Yamaha SRX and Yamaha SRV which already exists on the market for long time ago (in year 2003, I guess). Now, it has make its comeback to the website. I wonder why it is being featured in the website now. Is Yamaha Malaysia planning to sell these bike along with the newly introduced Yamaha Lagenda 115Z and 115ZR?

We know Yamaha always introduce bike that have radical styling, latest technology and extraordinary design. SRX and SRV by this definition looks outdated, old and seems out of place with all the great bikes that they have like Yamaha 125ZR, Yamaha 135LC and Yamaha Lagenda. Continue reading “Yamaha SRX and SRV on Yamaha Malaysia Website”

2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115Z and 115ZR in Malaysia!

2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115Z

2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR

Finally, riders in Malaysia got to have their hands (feet?) on the new bike that just recently launched in Indonesia as Yamaha Jupiter Z 115 and in Thailand as Yamaha Vega Force. This new Lagenda really attracts my attention as it features unconventional head and taillight design. Also the displacement has been updated from 110cc to 115cc, which means more torque and more power. Fuel tank also increased to 4.2L. It also gets an under seat compartment at 7.0 liter of volume.
In terms of design, Yamaha said that this bike is one the most stylish bike they ever designed(I’ve forgot where I have read this, so I can’t provide a link). I agree with them. In pictures, it look beautiful and nice, but when you see it at the motorcycle shop, Yamaha Lagenda 115Z really sets it par high enough that makes other bikes seems so outdated. I have went to a workshop and see many models of bikes from many brands lined up for display, and my eyes really attracted to Yamaha Lagenda 115Z design. The fairing is very projected forward and the lamp cluster looks like an updated version of Yamaha 135LC lamp cluster.
The quality of the parts and workmanship from Yamaha for this Lagenda 115Z is as always more than what we can expect. Every original parts seems well fitted together and the original colour painted to the coversets are really glossy and high in quality. This maybe to due to Yamaha experience in making precision equipment for music component in their early days before they started making motorcycles. There are all together 7 lamps for the front lamp  which can increase the safety for the rider since the bike is easily visible by oncoming vehicles. Also, the front lamp cluster make this Lagenda 115z looks like superbike when we see the light from far, which is also an addition to safety.
Yamaha really have made a very good decision to introduce this bike to Malaysia market along with The Boss (Yamaha RX-Z), King of Moped (Yamaha 135LC), Yamaha 125Z, Yamaha Lagenda 110z, Yamaha Nouvo LC and many more that are the leader in their own category. For example, Yamaha RX-Z and Yamaha 135LC are still having no contender whatsoever from any other manufacturer, so they are the leader. Another example is Yamaha Ego S, it is the number one best seller scooter or automatic bikes in Malaysia due to its cheap price, low maintainance, cute design, easy to handle, good pickup, easy to modified, easy to find spare parts and have a great impression among the riders as it is from Yamaha for its high quality.
Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR features a new addition to bike accessory like underseat compartment light. The sport rim is now in colour blue and I expect many owners of previous Lagenda 110ZR will start colouring their wheels too.
One question remains, is this Yamaha Lagenda 115Z a good buy? For me, the answer is definitely YES. With the money that you have, just spend it on this bike if you are on the market for new bike. Owning a Yamaha is like owning a legend and owning a Lagenda 115Z makes that meaning comes true.
Me myself have used (some already sold) 2 Yamaha RX-Z, 1 Yamaha 125Z, 1 Honda C70, 1 Honda iCon and 1 Modenas CT110, but my best experience is with the Yamaha. The second best is with Honda. This is my opinion, so your opinions might differ.
Why is Yamaha the best to own? I don’t how to explain this, but I just feel that Yamaha makes a bike that care for its owner. Sounds weird? I think so too.

Price is about RM4,599 (Lagenda 115Z) and RM5,260 (Lagenda ZR) not including tax, insurance etc.

Price on the road is RM4,876.15 for Lagenda 115Z (Kick) and RM5,189.60 for Lagenda 115Z (Electric Starter). While Lagenda 115ZR on the road price is RM5,504.25.

UPDATE (20/09/2010): I just bought Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR! Read my review here

2010 Yamaha FZ150i in Malaysia

Yamaha FZ-150i
Yamaha FZ150i

Yamaha Motor Malaysia has just launched an updated version of the FZ150i, the first underbone bike in Malaysia that features fuel injection delivery method. This bike is actually has long been available in Indonesia and known as Yamaha Vixion. The updated bike can be seen in new headlamp design, new colour and new decals.

Price is RM7,988.00 OTR

Continue reading “2010 Yamaha FZ150i in Malaysia”

April 2010 Yamaha Motorcycle Price List in Selangor, Malaysia

Yamaha 50 Years
Yamaha 50 Years

Yamaha motorcycle price on the road (comprehensive insurance, road tax, registration etc).

Yamaha Lagenda 110Z (Kick) RM5103.60

Yamaha Lagenda 110Z (E) RM5420.68

Yamaha Lagenda 110ZR (E, S/rims) RM5737.75

Yamaha 135LC RM6911.50 Continue reading “April 2010 Yamaha Motorcycle Price List in Selangor, Malaysia”

September 2009 Yamaha Motorcycle Price List in Kuala Krai, Kelantan

Price here is OTR based at Krai Motor, Kuala Krai, Kelantan

Yamaha RX-Z 135 RM7800
Yamaha Ego S RM5200
Yamaha Lagenda Z (kick) RM5100
Yamaha Nouvo LC RM6750
Yamaha 135LC RM7050