2013 MV Agusta F3 800 – bigger brethen of the F3 675

2013-MV-Agusta-F3-800-010More power, more torque, more adrenaline. The result is a motorcycle with exceptional handling, an advanced electronics package and the new 800cc engine with 148 HP and 88 Nm of torque. Coupled with the incredibly low weight of 173 Kg, it offers a power to weight ratio that allows it to do battle directly with litre class Sportbikes.

The MV Agusta F3 675 redefined the concept of middleweight Supersport bikes with the perfect balance between engine and chassis. The engine is the epitome of Italian technology and the chassis offers class leading performance both on the road as well as at the track. The MV Agusta F3 800 pushes the boundaries of mid-range Supersport to Superbike replica level, revolutionising the sector with a bike that represents an undisputed technological and performance milestone.


• Three-cylinder inline, 798 cc engine
• Bore 79.0 mm, stroke 54.3 mm (+8.4 mm more than the F3 675)
• Max. power 148 HP at 13,000 rpm (+20 HP more than the F3 675)
• Max. torque 88Nm at 10,600 rpm
• 13,500 rpm limiter
• Slipper clutch
• Dry weight: 173 kg (same as the F3 675)
• Power-to-weight ratio: 1.17 kg/HP (-13.5% less than the F3 675, with a ratio of 1.35 kg/HP)
• New front brake set up with Brembo monobloc calipers
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MV Agusta F3 ‘Serie Oro’ Special Edition Gold Trim

MV Agusta F3 'Serie Oro' Special Edition

Serie Oro is Italian word that means Gold Series. The bike is still painted red, but the finishing and trims has been refined by adding the gold colour to it. The exhaust tail pipe got a nice carbon-fibre to add luxury to this already exclusive bike.

MV Agusta F3 'Serie Oro' Special Edition

Considered as the most beautiful and technologically advanced “600” superbike in the world.

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2012 MV Agusta F3: The Most Beautiful and Technologically Advanced “600” Superbike in the World?

2012 MV Agusta F3


Everytime the name MV Agusta is mentioned, I can’t help myself to think that it was once owned by Proton of Malaysia. How I wish Proton never sell this marquee. There are many handovers after Proton has sold it to GEVI SpA and now, it is own by Harley-Davidson of USA.

MV Agusta , with their tagline ‘Motorcycle Art’ really integrates what is being defined as the intersection of technology and art blended together. I like how the three-muffler exhaust comes out on the right side of the bike finished in the same colour as the wheel. This is different that what I always see in most superbikes; underseat or just plain cylindrical(or trioval) muffler.

The elegant three-muffler in gold

The wheel itself is the stylish and have proper look for a superbike that speaks lightweight and power. The attention to details that the engineers have put in the design of this bike are pure passion and pure Italian.

The diamond-like headlamp makes it noticeable with just a glance, but you might mistaken it for F4. F3 as opposed to F4, is the 3-cylinder engine which is more compact than the 4-cylinder engine of F4. For 3-cylinder engine, the F3 got 675cc of displacement compare to F4 at 1000cc. The real advantage of 3-cylinder is the compactness that makes is narrower and lighter, therefore handling, acceleration and stopping should be better. The overall look of the F3 compliment each other and adds each other parts strength in looks. I have heard an engineer said that ‘if it looks good, it should performs as good as it looks, but first, it needs to looks good’. I haven’t ride this bike yet, but with that statement, I hope the ride and its performance are as good as what I expect.

I never thought I were to like this MV Agusta F3 675cc superbikes. If you never know or never want to know about it, you just might missed out the great design in the superbikes world.

Price is estimated at MYR110,000.00 (my estimation).

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