2015 Honda EX5 Dream FI – recognizable style, modern technology – RM4,299(kick), RM4,529(electric)

2015-Honda-EX5-FI-Dream-003Boon Siew Honda has unveiled their latest model, the Honda EX5 Dream FI, its new generation of EX5 series. The Honda EX5 Dream FI is more powerful, offers dynamic performance, faster, safer, more striking and sportier in looks while retaining the features of practicality, quality, fuel-efficient and value for money.


All the new and enhanced features in the Honda EX5 Dream FI are specially designed for
the Malaysian market and this model is an upgraded version from the EX5 Dream 110
model, which was launched in 2013. These features are created based on feedback and
comments from customers on EX5 Dream 110.  Continue reading “2015 Honda EX5 Dream FI – recognizable style, modern technology – RM4,299(kick), RM4,529(electric)”

Honda EX5 Dream 100 Final Production at Batu Kawan, Penang – 2,051,530 units since 1987


On 28th December 2013, the legendary Honda EX5 Dream 100 has roll out for its final production since its appearance in 1987. Also known with the code C100B and C100MB, it has been a very popular bike for everyone whether young or old, rich or not, for 26 exciting years. Since then, 2,051,530 units has been sold and make its way to Malaysian roads. It always has been lovable reliable bike that known for its toughness, low maintenance and easy to ride.

This graceful exit of the Honda EX5 Dream 100 will give a way to the recently launched Honda EX5 Dream 110 that features Euro 2 Standard 110cc engine which provides 11% more power and the same time very fuel efficient. It can goes up to 53.6km for every liter of fuel you pour into its fuel tank. Longer distance travel are also optimised with the bigger fuel tank of 4.0 liter compared to only 3.7 liter for the Honda EX5 Dream 100.  Continue reading “Honda EX5 Dream 100 Final Production at Batu Kawan, Penang – 2,051,530 units since 1987”

Racing Boy Sport Rim RM100 rebate offer for Honda EX5 from 10th Dec until 31st Dec 2013

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A good offer from Boon Siew Honda that should appeals to the potential buyer of the Honda EX5 100. For the first 100 customer who buys the Honda EX5 from 10th Dec to 31st Dec 2013, they are able to get RM100 rebate voucher to buy the Racing Boy sports rim. That is a nice discount considering the RB sports is valued averagely at RM300, so a discount of RM100 already cuts 30% of the actual value. So, don’t forget to register for the rebate if you bought the bike.

Iconic Honda EX5 Dream 100 will cease out from the Malaysia market from 31st December 2013


Honda Malaysia has released an update the discontinuation of the iconic Honda Dream EX5 100 that has been in the market for the past 26 years. It has been a great 26 years really.

The bike is being discontinued because it is not compliant with World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29) tabled under the United Nations Economic Commissions for Europe (UNECE) regulations.

It is going to be replaced with the newly launched model earlier, the Honda Dream EX5 110 that is already available since July 2013. The bike it replace comes with a new 110cc engine that is 11% more performance but what is important is that it is compliant the EURO 2 regulations.

If anyone of you are still interested to buy the EX5 100, this is the time to buy it just before the 31st Dec.