Husqvarna Sertai Bajaj Dalam Kerjasama Pengeluaran Dengan KTM


  • Bajaj telah mengumumkan bahawa mereka akan memulakan pengeluaran motosikal Husqvarna dengan menyertakan pengeluar motosikal dari Sweden itu dalam kerjasama pengeluaran dengan KTM.
  • Kerjasama pengeluaran ini akan menyaksikan motosikal Husqvarna Svartpilen dan Vitpilen 401 dikeluarkan dari kilang Chakan milik Bajaj yang terletak di India yang telah pun mengeluarkan model-model KTM berkapasiti kecil.
  • Bajaj telah menyatakan bahawa mereka mensasarkan untuk mengeluarkan sekitar 100,000 model KTM dan Husqvarna menjelang penghujung tahun ini dan menggandakannya pada tahun berikutnya jika semuanya berjalan dengan lancar.

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KTM 390 Adventure coming soon?


Reports coming out of India allege that rumoured KTM 390 Adventure plus smaller 200 Adventure models will debut soon.

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KTM 200 Duke Radiator Guard – the better guard for your radiator – RM80


Available in Malaysia, you can now fit this standard parts for India’s KTM Duke radiator guard. The material is made from plastic but by the way it looks, it is thick enough and can withstand the weather elements. The price is also affordable at less than RM80. For me, this is a better radiator guard as compared to the ones made by aluminium or even steel since this one doesn’t restrict airflow and the ducts are angled for better air to go through it.    Continue reading “KTM 200 Duke Radiator Guard – the better guard for your radiator – RM80”

2014 KTM 390 Duke launched in Malaysia – RM27,935.10 OTR [UPDATED: Gallery added, topspeed 177km/h]

2013-10-21 17.36.52

It has come and it will rock the biking scene in Malaysia. The first information that we all want to know is the price and here it is: RM26,500 basic price and RM27,935.10 on the road and might differs a bit between shops. This 390 Duke is CKD in Kedah at KTM Motonation Factory.

KTM 390 Duke comes with 43hp single-cylinder engine that provides enough grunt for a bike this size. For a comparison, the CB500F have 47hp which is comparable to this KTM 390 Duke. Continue reading “2014 KTM 390 Duke launched in Malaysia – RM27,935.10 OTR [UPDATED: Gallery added, topspeed 177km/h]”

2014 KTM Duke 390 is coming soon to Malaysia


If this image of an ads of to be believed, the KTM Duke 390 is about to come to our shore soon. The price is estimated at RM2Xk. This bike will be a powerful variant compared to the Duke 200 for more riding enjoyment at 43hp. The styling of KTM is always radical, different and muscular compared to other makes. This Austrian company really knows the essence of biking.

2013 KTM 390 Duke ABS – the bigger brother

KTM also has come out with the new 390 Duke ABS to satisfy the rider who needs more power but at the same wanted the agility of the 200 Duke. It retain the single-cylinder engine and the overall look of the 200 Duke. KTM always have made a aggressive looking bike and a very unique bike that is different than others. Riders riding KTM are usually riders with different mind.

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