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KTM 200 Duke Radiator Guard – the better guard for your radiator – RM80

Friday, April 11th, 2014


Available in Malaysia, you can now fit this standard parts for India’s KTM Duke radiator guard. The material is made from plastic but by the way it looks, it is thick enough and can withstand the weather elements. The price is also affordable at less than RM80. For me, this is a better radiator guard as compared to the ones made by aluminium or even steel since this one doesn’t restrict airflow and the ducts are angled for better air to go through it.    (more…)

KTM Supersprox 40T rear sprocket for KTM Duke 200 – estimated RM199

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014


Upgrade to a higher top speed of your bike using this KTM Supersprox 40T which is 2 teeth lower than the  stock rear sprocket size that is that 42. There are many sizes available that is 39, 38 and 37.  Using smaller size rear sprocket will increase the top speed, but at the same time decrease the pick-up of your Duke 200. For your information, the stock sprocket size for KTM Duke 200 is 14T front and 42T rear.   (more…)

2014 KTM 200 Duke Non ABS launched in Malaysia – RM15,888 (basic price) RM16,798 OTR

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

2014-KTM-200-Duke-Non-ABS (2)

KTM Malaysia CKD introduced this popular 200c bike in Malaysia with lower price range at RM15,888. The KTM 200 Duke Non ABS as it is named will be more accessible to new rider who are upgrading from their moped to entry-level naked bike. This should a great price considering the 200 Duke can gives out 25hp with a weight of just 129.5kg. That will gives greater power-to-weight ratio compared to other bikes in the same category. It is only 7hp less than the Z250 at 32hp, but that weighs about 168kg.

The brakes are still 300mm for the front with 4-piston caliper and 230mm 1-piston caliper for the rear. The thing that is missing is the ABS. Without the ABS, this means that you can have total control of the bikes braking but you’ll need to learn the threshold braking and cadence braking if you want to take your bike to the limit. 


2011 KTM Duke 200 with BIKERS accessories line

Sunday, December 15th, 2013


BIKERS has comes up with accessories for the 2011 KTM Duke 200. At first look, you might see that the Duke looks like nothing has change, but on further inspection, you can see the BIKERS brake lever, BIKERS engine protector, BIKERS footpeg, BIKERS crash protectors and many more. This accessories can add the function and the style of your bike. For this particular accessories for the Duke 200, black colour are chosen to complements the orange base color. The wheel are also in black as opposed to more traditional KTM iconic orange.

BIKERS is the company from Thailand and there are already comes to Malaysia. So, riders in Malaysia can buy these parts. Check out your local magazine or shops for BIKERS accessories.


Biondi Windscreen for KTM Duke 125/200, Kawasaki Z800 – RM650

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013


Add more style and protection to your Kawasaki Z800 with this Biondi windscreen from Italy. This windscreen can also deflects winds away from your face when you ride low. Compared to the riding without the windscreen, this will helps for more comfortable riding at high speed. Since this is naked bike which have an almost upright riding position, winds will definitely gets in your way unless you use super big windscreen.  (more…)