Lagi Paten Difailkan Untuk Yamaha MWT-9

  • Paten baru telah muncul menunjukkan rupa terbaru rekaan motosikal beroda tiga dari Yamaha yang diberi nama Yamaha MWT-9.
  • Konsep motosikal beroda tiga ini mula diperkenalkan pada tahun 2015 semasa Pertunjukan Motor Tokyo dan paten terkini mempamerkan versi motosikal ‘naked’ berbanding rekaan asalnya.
  • Yamaha telah pun dalam usaha membangunkan MWT-9 dengan rancangan untuk pengeluaran pada suatu hari nanti.

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Honda NSC110: New Standard Commuter

Honda NSC110 Sketch Drawing

Honda has opened a comprehensive site for the New Standard Commuter NSC110, covering the scooter’s concept, styling,
engine, packaging, performance and technical specifications.

At first this bike looks like Honda Icon 110 which is available in Malaysia with carburetted version. This NSC110 comes with PGM-FI for the European model for better fuel efficiency and lower emission to meet the standard that has become stricter everyday.

Fuel efficiency is rated at 50.2km/l which is a good number considering this is a scooter. Scooter are known to consume much more fuel compare to moped which have normal chain and sprocket transmission as opposed to belt-drive system.

The capacity of the tank also has been increased to 5.5 liter which can be considered gargantuan for this kind of bike. For comparison, Honda Wave Dash 110 only have 3.7 liter of fuel capacity and Honda Icon 110 only have 3.5 liter of fuel capacity. Large fuel tank are welcomed for this kind of scooter since it can provide longer distance riding with fewer fuel stops.

Honda NSC110 retain the sharp styling with aerodynamic package for the overall look and make it look fast, even when standing still. Also can be seen in the sketch drawing is the headlamp visor which is a good addition to provide the sharp and fast look.

I’m hoping this NSC110 will be a global model so that we in Malaysia will get the taste of PGM-FI equipped scooter!

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