2011 Honda CBR250R Royal Malaysian Police Edition

2011 Honda CBR250R Royal Malaysian Police Edition


Every bikers are now eager to see the 2011 Honda CBR250R launched in Malaysia anytime soon. I know this since the statistic of the visitors show a spike of Honda CBR250R searches.

Almond Karim has uploaded many pictures of the Royal Malaysian Police 2011 Honda CBR250R which are going to be available soon to police station maybe somewhere near you. The colour white is nice with few signature to show it is a CBR250R and matches the overall of the luggage box on the both side.

Nissin Front Brake with Combined ABS

This CBR250R features combined ABS for both of the brakes; front and rear, which is supplied by Nissin. There is some kind of sensor attached to the caliper with special groove disc at the inner ring of the disc plate. This looks much different than the many brake setup that I have seen before.

Going to be launched anytime now and while we waiting for the CBR250R, what about the siblings; CBR150R?

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2011 Honda CBR-150R in Thailand

2011 Honda CBR 150R

This is really Honda CBR-150R not the CBR-250R. While we are still waiting for the launching of the Honda CBR-250R in mid-February in Malaysia, I’ve stumbled upon this image while browsing through Google. On further checking at AP Honda Thailand website, it is really an all new 2011 Honda CBR 150R after all. This is not a breaking news since this bike is already soft launched in October 2010. CBR-150R looks like the bigger brother CBR-250R which makes it looks much bigger and wider. It is said that this one is identical mechanically to CBR-125R which is in Canada and Europe market.

This is really a great line-up to already great line-up by AP Honda Thailand. Expect to get more of the aftermarket parts from DBS, LHK and POSH from Thailand manufacturers.

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Honda CBR250R Test Ride Registration

Honda CBR-250R Test Ride Registration

Honda Malaysia has offered to test ride their upcoming bike that is the Honda CBR-250R on their webpage. The webpage is accessible here at: http://www.boonsiewhonda.com.my.

I have registered my name there and I think you should too. 250cc bike is a great entry-level superbike for us, moped riders to upgrade our ride as our age (and money) progresses. I am thinking to get the Kawasaki Ninja 250R with the fuel-injection, but for now, I’m still saving for it. I like to experience higher torque and higher horsepower under my control along the road with wind-blowing to my full-face helmet and feel the freedom of biking.

Honda CBR-250R will be officially launched in mid February 2011 in Malaysia. All the details like pricing, dealers and other information will be available at that time.

Estimated price is at MYR 23,600 (based on market value of new 250cc bikes). 1 more picture after the jump Continue reading “Honda CBR250R Test Ride Registration”

faddybike.com: Online Store for Thai Honda CBR-150R Parts and Accessories


Honda CBR-150R owners now can buy parts and accessories from Thailand at www.faddybike.com.

There are many performance upgrade parts available there along with accessories like coversets and light cover.

One of the best performance upgrade parts that I have seen there is the 177cc bore up kit. Continue reading “faddybike.com: Online Store for Thai Honda CBR-150R Parts and Accessories”

2010 Honda CBR150R Technical Specification

2010 Honda CBR150R
Honda CBR 150R
Experience The New Level of Honda Revolution
Type 4-stroke, Vertical Cylinder, Dual Over Head Camshaft (DOHC), 4-valve, Liquid Cooling
Bore & Stroke 63.5 x 47.2 mm
Engine Displacement 149.4cc
Compression Ratio 11.0 : 1
Starter System Electric
Lubricant Capacity 1.3 liter
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CLD Terminator Racing Muffler from Indonesia

CLD Terminator Exhaust Pipe
CLD Terminator Exhaust Pipe

New model with low decibel sound. Radical design that we didn’t see yet. Available for all motorcycle: Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki.

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Honda CBR 150 LED Tail Lamp for Yamaha 135LC

Honda CBR Tail Lamp for Yamaha 135LC
Honda CBR Tail Lamp for Yamaha 135LC

This is one of the most requested feature from many of Yamaha 135LC modders that is to use Honda CBR 150 tail lamp to their bikes. Now, we have Honda CBR 150 LED tail lamp for you guys. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Honda CBR 150 LED Tail Lamp for Yamaha 135LC”