Skuter Elektrik Buatan Khas BMW C Evolution Oleh Krautmotors – “E-LisaBad”


  • Para pembina yang berada di Krautmotors dari Jerman telah membina sebuah skuter elektrik buatan khas BMW C Evolution yang dinamakan “E-LisaBad”.
  • Ditugaskan oleh BMW Motorrad sendiri, pembina buatan khas utama kelahiran Jerman, Rolf Reick, berjaya membina salah sebuah motosikal elektrik buatan khas yang tercantik sekali sepanjang zaman.
  • Direndahkan serta dilengkapkan dengan tayar perlumbaan yang licik, skuter BMW C Evolution ini menghasilkan sekitar 72Nm tork dengan serta merta; 9Nm lebih daripada skuter BMW C650 Sport.

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2014 BMW C evolution Electric Maxi Scooter has arrived – top speed 120km/h, range 100km

BMW C Evolution, International Media Launch, Barcelona 2014

Dynamic riding fun with zero emissions.
The arrival of the new C evolution marks the start of a new chapter in the urban mobility segment for BMW Motorrad. The two conventionally powered maxi scooter models – the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT – already succeed in combining the superb ride qualities of a motorcycle with the specific agility of a scooter and the design’s inherent comfort. The new electrically powered C evolution now goes even further by fusing riding fun and dynamism with the benefits of zero-emission performance to create a whole new experience on two wheels.

In keeping with the BMW Group’s sustainability strategy, BMW Motorrad is taking a fully committed approach to electric mobility. As with BMW i, development of the C evolution revolved around creating a visionary vehicle concept offering maximum everyday practicality and an inspirational design.

Powerful drive unit with liquid-cooled electric motor and air-cooled high-voltage battery. Range of 100 kilometres (62 miles) under practical conditions.
The C evolution is powered by a drivetrain swing arm with liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor via a toothed belt and ring gearing. The rated power output is 11 kW (15 hp), with a peak output of 35 kW (47 hp). This enables the C evolution to achieve a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph, electronically limited) and gives it better acceleration than some maxi scooters powered by engines with displacements of 600 cc or more.

The generous 8 kWh capacity of the air-cooled lithium-ion high-voltage battery allows the two-wheeler to cover a range of up to 100 kilometres (62 miles) before it needs to be charged from any domestic mains supply. When plugged in to a standard 220V domestic socket with a 12A charge current, recharging fully from empty takes around 4 hours (with 220V / 16A = 3 h).  Continue reading “2014 BMW C evolution Electric Maxi Scooter has arrived – top speed 120km/h, range 100km”