BMW Motorrad Malaysia memperkenalkan BMW R nine T Scrambler – RM92,900


BMW Motorrad Malaysia membawakan kepada peminat jenteranya disini dengan BMW R nine T Scrambler. Sejarah model Scrambler untuk BMW bermula pada 1951 dimana BMW R 68 telah dipersembahkan di International Bicycle and Motorcycle Fair IFMA di Frankfurt dengan ekzos tinggi konfigurasi 2-1.

BMW R nine T ini dikuasakan oleh enjin peninju (boxer) 2-silinder dengan penyejukan udara yang klasik. Saiz gerek dan lejang pada 101mm x 73mm memberikan jumlah kebuk pembakaran pada 1,170cc. Kuasa maksimum yang mampu dijana oleh enjin yang lebar ini adalah 110hp dan 116Nm pada 6,000RPM dengan putaran enjin maksimum pada 8,500RPM. Semua kuasa ini disalurkan kepada kotak gear 6-kelajuan.

Data penggunaan minyak menunjukkan BMW R nine T mampu bergerak 100km dengan 5.3 liter petrol.  Tangki petrolnya juga besar pada kapasiti 17 liter untuk memastikan anda dapat bergerak jauh. Continue reading “BMW Motorrad Malaysia memperkenalkan BMW R nine T Scrambler – RM92,900”

2016 BMW C 650 Sport (RM64,900.00) dan BMW C 650 GT (RM68,900.00) kini di Malaysia

The new BMW C 650 GT and the new BMW C 650 Sport (3) BMW Group Malaysia melancarkan motosikal terbaharunya ke dalam keluarga BMW Motorrad Malaysia – BMW C 650 Sport dan BMW C 650 GT yang merupakan tawaran terkini dalam segmen skuter maxi keluarannya. Sempurna untuk kegunaan di bandar dan kawasan urban, motosikal baharu ini menggabungkan aspek praktikaliti dengan keseronokan dan keselesaan tunggangan dalam jarak yang jauh.

Ketika memperkenalkan skuter maxi ini, Pengarah Urusan dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif BMW Group Malaysia, Han Sang Yun berkata, “Segmen motosikal premium di Malaysia mengalami pertumbuhan memberangsangkan sejak dua tahun lalu. Pengenalan BMW C 650 Sport dan BMW C 650 GT baharu pasti memberikan para peminat motosikal lebih banyak pilihan untuk kegunaan harian atau pada hujung minggu.”

BMW C 650 Sport menyerlahkan reka bentuk yang lebih moden, dinamik dan berorientasikan kepada fungsi. Penampilan Skuter maxi baharu ini jelas selari dengan falsafah reka bentuk BMW Motorrad. BMW 650 GT yang diposisikan ke dalam sub segmen telah menerima penambahbaikan menerusi panel kemasan sisi belakang dan unit lampu belakang yang baru.   Continue reading “2016 BMW C 650 Sport (RM64,900.00) dan BMW C 650 GT (RM68,900.00) kini di Malaysia”

2016 BMW G 310 R is coming this June to Malaysia – estimated RM25k

image has reported that an interesting bikes is coming soon to our shore. A recent post in mudah .my shows that this BMW G 310 R, the first BMW roadster under 500cc, is coming this June 2016 at an estimated price of RM25,000.  Continue reading “2016 BMW G 310 R is coming this June to Malaysia – estimated RM25k”

2016 BMW G 310 R – the first BMW roadster under 500 cc


The BMW G 310 R – the first BMW roadster under 500 cc. 
One cylinder, low weight, powerful dynamic performance –the BMW G 310 R embodies the pure essence of a BMW roadster: it has neither too little nor too much of anything. Pragmatic in the best sense of the word, it offers precisely what is needed – for dynamic performance and comfort, both in town and out in the country. The BMW G 310 R takes these essential qualities into a capacity segment that is new to BMW Motorrad. As a genuine BMW roadster it masters a range of disciplines: it is just as happy winding its way nimbly and flexibly through the narrow streets of a city as it is travelling supremely and powerfully along country roads. And thanks to its exceptionally low level of fuel consumption and a relaxed, comfortable seating position, it offers the welcome capability of being able to cover a long distance at a time.

At home on the roads of the world. 
Newly conceived from scratch, the G 310 R represents everything BMW Motorrad stands for: innovation, quality and of course many years of carefree partnership with its owner. Designed specifically for the world market, the BMW G 310 R can run on the most diverse fuel qualities, meets all emission standards and local requirements – and takes the typical BMW premium aspiration to the segment under 500 cc.

Dynamic roadster design with echoes of the S 1000 R. 
The powerfully expressive design of the BMW G 310 R instantly reveals its agile, dynamic character, making a clear statement within its own segment. It has an unmistakeable visual kinship with athletic family members such as the BMW S 1000 R. The small headlamp mask with striking headlamp, dynamically modelled fuel tank trim elements and characteristic roadster proportions with a striking front section and dynamic rear give the BMW G 310 R a mature presence on the road. Precisely modelled surfaces define the dynamic side view. The compact, dynamic proportions and the short wheelbase promise fast changes of direction, while the high rear conveys a lightness that is suggestive of the bike’s sporty genes. In spite of the clearly visible naked bike character of the BMW G 310 R, the side surfaces in body colour create a closed silhouette in athletic style. High-end details such as a standard upside-down fork, quality materials, supplementary fittings and excellent workmanship all reflect the finest within the segment, clearly underscoring the premium aspiration of the BMW G 310 R.  Continue reading “2016 BMW G 310 R – the first BMW roadster under 500 cc”

7 Best Value-for-Money bike for 2015 in Malaysia – does these bike worth your every cent?

BMW F 800 R - RM46,888 (OTR excluding insurance)
BMW F 800 R – RM46,888 (OTR excluding insurance)

7. 2015 BMW F 800 R – RM46,888 (OTR excluding insurance)

The price for anything BMW is never low. This F 800 R breaks that tradition and can be your entry to BMW exciting bikes at RM46,888.

Engine: Inline-2, 4-valve, DOHC

Power: 87hp @ 8,000RPM

Torque: 86Nm @ 6,000RPM

2015 Kawasaki Z250SL - RM15,389 (basic)
2015 Kawasaki Z250SL – RM15,739 (basic)

6. 2015 Kawasaki Z250SLRM15,739 (basic excluding reg, road tax and ins)

A great model expansion from the KLX250 based engine to a naked street bike. Comes with high quality standard as usual from Kawasaki and proven high reliablity KLX250 motard engine. Lowest price in the category so far (not including the China, Taiwan brand).

Engine: Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke 1 Cylinder DOHC

Power: 28hp @ 9,700RPM

Torque: 22.6Nm @ 8,200RPM   Continue reading “7 Best Value-for-Money bike for 2015 in Malaysia – does these bike worth your every cent?”