2014 Modenas GT128 (RM5,188) and Ace 115 (RM4,398) Edisi Harimau Malaya


Modenas has updated the livery two of their bikes that is the Modenas GT128 and Modenas Ace 115 to this new livery named ‘Edisi Harimau Malaya’. Harimau Malaya is the iconic name for the Malaysian football team that is themed with the colour black and yellow. It is inspired from the tiger that is found in Malaysian forest. It represents the spirit of the Malaysian people that have the perserverance to fight for their dreams.

2014 Modenas GT128 Edisi Harimau Malaya is priced at RM5,188 and 2014 Modenas Ace 115 is priced at RM4,398. All are basic price not including road tax, insurance and registration.

Modenas Ace 115 Light Blue and White Red – RM4,600 OTR

Modenas has updated the colour and graphics of the beautiful Ace 115 in two new colours; light blue and white base base with red accent. I like the one in the light blue colour since that colour is rare and not many bikes in Malaysia have that kind of colour. We usually see bikes in red, black and white. Very few of them comes in rare colours like this one. This time I can also see the livery design of Modenas bikes are getting better and complements the good looks of the bike.  Continue reading “Modenas Ace 115 Light Blue and White Red – RM4,600 OTR”

2012 Modenas Ace 115 is coming in blue colour – RM4,598

It is good to know that Modenas are now taking agressive steps in winning the hearts of Malaysian bikers. This time they have introduced new colour for the Ace 115 that is blue. Previously, Modenas Ace 115 comes in two colour choices that is Sand White and Fire Bricks(Red). After that they introduced a new colour that is the Ivory Green. That makes up 3 colour choices, now they are adding the blue that makes 4 colours to choose from. In my opinion, the livery design of this Ace 115 is one of the best Modenas has ever made. It has a great looking dynamic lines (lines that make the bikes look fast, even when standing still), simple and trendy.

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