Yamaha XV950R Bolt makes Malaysian debut


Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd. (HLYM)expands its big bike line up with the introduction of the Yamaha XV950R Bolt.

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Official Yamaha Malaysia Merchandise Online Store now opens

Yamaha Malaysia Online Store

Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia now opens online store offering their merchandise. I have been looking into the online store and find many interesting items like the one pictured above, the yellow black with Yamaha speed block t-shirt which suits anyone who are a fan for Yamaha. The price is also very affordable. For that original t-shirt which comes from official store, it is only priced at RM40.¬† Continue reading “Official Yamaha Malaysia Merchandise Online Store now opens”

Yamaha 135LC Radiator Cover / Coolant Protector

Yamaha 135LC Radiator Cover / Coolant Protector

This is the newer version of radiator cover which is one of the popular accessories for Yamaha 135LC. Radiator cover can protect sharp and harmful pieces of shrapnel, debris or stone from hitting and damaging your 135LC radiator.

This one provides better airflow to the radiator and at the same time protect it. The Yamaha logo and Yamaha wording there adds nice touch of the cover. The price is also cheap. You should install this to your bike since the replacing radiator is very expensive.

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YAMAHA Factory Supercross/Motocross Racing Casio G-9000MX-2 MUDMAN Wristwatch

CASIO G-9000MX-2 G-SHOCK MUDMAN for YAMAHA Factory Supercross/Motocross Racing Team

What is so special about this watch?
As you already guessed, this is special edition for YAMAHA Factory Supercross/Motocross Racing Team. The colour blue shows that it is in the same colour of the bike for the team.
MUDMAN is the series of the Casio G-Shock from the Master of G, which include the best of G-Shock wristwatches like FROGMAN, GAUSSMAN, RISEMAN and GULFMAN.
MUDMAN series features a watch that is made from thick rubber surrounding the dial and the button for mud-resistance ability.
G-Shock is also good for the motocross sport since it involves a lot of ‘shock’ from the bike to the biker. Maybe the bikers in motocross doesn’t wear the watch in competition, but it is useful for us, who doesn’t have the second man to keep our time. Dual Illuminator actually illumination that lit the digit and also the dial for complete info display at night.

Interested? Get more info here: http://www.casio-intl.com/wat/g_shock/

Want to buy it? Check it out here: http://www.lelong.com.my/Auc/List/2007-01DxSaleK621732_AUCTION_-CASIO-G-9000MX-2-G-SHOCK-MUDMAN-motocross-for-YAMAHA-resin-strap-blue.htm