1990 Honda VFR750R V4 RC30 HRC


1980-1990 is the era when most of the beautiful bikes are made, in my opinion. Take this Honda RC30 for example. It doesn’t looks old and the HRC livery still looks as ever before. The double round headlight makes it look odd but nevertheless still beautiful. It carries the popular single-sided elf-Honda ProArm swing arm for that aggressive and racy stance.  Continue reading “1990 Honda VFR750R V4 RC30 HRC”

2010 Kawasaki Z750: Japan Style at its Finest

2010 Kawasaki Z750 (Black)
2010 Kawasaki Z750 (Orange)
2010 Kawasaki Z750 (White)

This is one of the most masculine bike I have ever seen. It looks real Japan-style too. The big fuel tank, aggressive forward stance and naked engine chassis makes this bike completely desirable. Available in 3 colours; black, orange and white. Whatever colour you choose, you have choosen wisely since all the colour are nice.

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The Kawasaki Ninja History 1984-2009 PDF Download

The Kawasaki Ninja Story 1984-2009

I’ve found this interesting read from Kawasaki website while browsing for their bikes lineup for 2011.

This PDF file of Kawasaki Ninja Story 1984-2009 tells how Ninjas has evolved and undergo revolution for lighter weight, better handling and greater design. My favourite Ninja is the ZX-6R. For me, this bike has the balance of lightweight and power which I can say feels like a pocket rocket. Small but fast. But nowadays even the 1000cc bike has weight that almost as light as the 600cc bike with the introduction of aluminium chassis and lighter plastic fairing.

One more pictures and link to download the PDF after the jump  Continue reading “The Kawasaki Ninja History 1984-2009 PDF Download”