2017 Honda NM4 bertema “Ghost In The Shell”

Honda memperkenalkan NM4 yang berkonsep masa depan terdekat dengan tema dari francais Hantu di Dalam Cangkerang (Ghost in the Shell).

Ghost in the Shell merupakan satu karya sains fiksyen yang merujuk kepada masa hadapan dimana manusia menggunakan alat gantian anggota badan yang diperbuat dari mesin.  Continue reading “2017 Honda NM4 bertema “Ghost In The Shell””

[Video] Suzuki GSX-R 30 Years of Performance – Part 1 and 2

Suzuki 30 Years of Performance

Suzuki has prepared two videos to commemorate their celebration of the GSX-R 30 Years of Performance. This Part 1 videos is really entertaining and tell us the stories that some of us never knew. There is an engineer who have worked for the first production of GSX-R and still in the development of the GSX-R until today. He has already worked 40 years at Hamamatsu.

There is also an engineer who have worked on the development of the 1986 Suzuki GSX-R and still rides it until today. He knows how to take care and repair the engine since he was the one who designs it.

Read no more, watch the 10 mins video after the jump:  Continue reading “[Video] Suzuki GSX-R 30 Years of Performance – Part 1 and 2”

Harley-Davidson Street 750 launched at RM62,888


New Harley-Davidson Street 750 debuts in Malaysia alongside Naza World Custom Works division.

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Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Italian built


A work of art by Vibrazioni (Vibrations) Art Design, a design firm from Italy, modded this Honda CB750 into a nice looking industrial cafe racer.

Rather than using shiny new metal sheet, Vibrazioni (Vibrations) Art Design chooses recycled material and painstakingly moulded it by hand to the shape and contours they need. The colour of the Pennzoil are actually the actual logo on the recycle oil barrel that they use to make the tank, front fairing and rear cowling. Continue reading “Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Italian built”

2015 Suzuki GSR750 ABS Officially unveiled in Sepang, Malaysia – RM53,888 CBU


Shell Advance Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix in Sepang has seen Suzuki Assemblers Malaysia unveils this beautiful GSR750, the naked bike which will be a great rivals to Kawasaki Z800. The GSR750 which is a naked bike comes with the engine derived from the supersports GSX-R750. The engine has been revised in cam profiles and also on the intake and exhaust tracts. The compression of 12.3:1 is high enough to keep the engine delivering maximum ‘kick’ to the crankshaft. The engine can revs all the way to the redline at 10,000RPM and churns out 105hp with 80Nm of pulling power at 9,000RPM.   Continue reading “2015 Suzuki GSR750 ABS Officially unveiled in Sepang, Malaysia – RM53,888 CBU”