Sejarah Boon Siew Honda – Bagaimana Ianya Bermula

  • Sejarah Boon Siew Honda bermula sejak tahun 1950-an apabila seorang lelaki berusia 43 tahun dari Pulau Pinang telah pergi bercuti ke Jepun dan telah ternampak motosikal Honda Cub.
  • Mendiang Tan Sri Dato Loh Boon Siew memutuskan untuk membawa balik beberapa model ke Malaysia bagi membantu negara mencari mod pengangkutan yang sesuai dalam usaha membangunkan semula negara selepas Perang Dunia II.
  • Bersama dengan Soichiro Honda, Boon Siew Honda berjaya menjadikan motosikal Honda sebagai sebutan ramai menjelang tahun 1970-an apabila mereka memperkenalkan Honda C70 yang amat popular.

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Honda Street Cub mods – the good made better


Street Cub is a modified Honda C50/C70 made to look modern but at the same time holds it unique flair of the Honda design. This craze has been taking over Malaysia and it is easy to find Street Cub like this anywhere in Malaysia. In fact, I also got to see one at my place in Banting. It is sure looking good.

The mods include the use of wide front and rear tyre to make it look like a chopper stance. The rear mudguard is shortened to expose more of the wide tyre. ¬† Continue reading “Honda Street Cub mods – the good made better”

Honda C70 Twin Engine

I found this Honda C70 with 2-cylinder L-twin engine setup on Youtube from Central Java, Indonesia. This mod is extreme considering the 70cc single-cylinder Honda engine is being added with one more additional cylinder. This is like combining two engine into one. Imagine the difficulties in connecting the crankshaft together. The timing of the spark plug. The electronics. The welding of the block. All needs to work perfectly and in harmony.

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