1983 Honda Beat – 50cc 2-lejang 7.2PS

Satu jentera dari Honda yang sangat unik dibina pada tahun 1980-an dengan rekaan yang nampak begitu futuristik. Honda Beat ini hadir dengan enjin 2-lejang berkapasiti hanya 50cc dan mampu menjana 7.2 PS yang mana cukup kuat untuk membawa jentera dengan berat cuma 60kg ini.

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Security Camera Honda P25 1966 by Chicara Nagata – one of the world’s best custom bike builder that you probably never heard before


A challenge by one of the security company to Chicara Nagata to produce a security camera that never seen in the past. The combination of the black colour scheme works to makes it low profile but the frame exudes style and simplicity at the same time. The Honda P25 49cc engine there is not just for the show as the bike is actually rideable.  Continue reading “Security Camera Honda P25 1966 by Chicara Nagata – one of the world’s best custom bike builder that you probably never heard before”

2013 Special Edition Honda bikes in UK – NSC50R and CRF250L

Honda is pleased to announce the launch of new special edition models, just in time for Christmas, to compliment the existing range of motorcycles and scooters.

The new NSC50R – launched only weeks ago at EICMA and making its UK public debut at Motorcycle Live – is also available in special edition Repsol and Samsung colour schemes; the former, a MotoGP replica and the latter highlighting the racing relationship between Samsung and Honda in the British Superbike Championship, with the Samsung Honda team.  Continue reading “2013 Special Edition Honda bikes in UK – NSC50R and CRF250L”

Aprilia SR Motard 50/125

Aprilia SR Motard 125

Aprilia not only focused their bikes lineup to just big capacity machine, but now they have surprised us with this SR Motard which comes in 50cc and 125cc variation. If you think you have seen this bike before, you are correct, since this bike is based on the Gilera Typhoon bike.

SR Motard is the name given, but why it’s called Motard? According to the press release by Aprilia “ the soul about more “fun” of Aprilia sport bikes is certainly linked to the world of Supermoto bikes. Nate as an elaboration of road bikes off-road, supermoto have successfully combined the ease of driving of the motorcycle enduro set-up and performance of asphalt. The new SR Motard, in the SR family of sports scooters, contain the spirit of the great Supermoto SXV Aprilia Dorsoduro and the likes.  Continue reading “Aprilia SR Motard 50/125”

Honda Gyro Canopy: 50cc 4-stroke PGM-FI

I remember seeing few of this canopy type bike few years ago. Most the canopy type bikes are from brands that originates from Taiwan, but I have seen few by the brands of BMW on the net. This is a great idea actually, since we have a lot of rainy days in Malaysia. It doesn’t catches on and many buyers of the canopy bike strand their bike at home or just sell it to workshops.

This one from Honda seems like it is for use in industrial places not on the road. It features single seater bike with 50cc engine equipped with PGM-FI fuel delivery. So much tech in that small engine.  Continue reading “Honda Gyro Canopy: 50cc 4-stroke PGM-FI”