2013 Honda CBR500 Official Shot


We already heard the rumors of the upcoming Honda CBR500 which are said to be launch in EICMA soon. Asphalt&Rubber got the first pictures of the official shot of the bike via Honda500Thai. At 500cc, this is a middleweight bike that should satisfy rider that need power in a light package. We haven’t heard 500cc bike from Honda for a long time and this introduction should makes us happy.

Via: Asphalt&Rubber

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Honda CBR500, CB500X and CB500R Italy spy shots

The next iteration of 500cc bike from Honda, the CBR500, has been sighted in Italy for a shots for commercial ads. The bike is said to use the 2-cylinder 479cc engine in flat twin configuration. The livery resembles the familiar ‘Fireblade’ red, blue and white colour scheme.

via: twowheelsblog: http://www.twowheelsblog.com/post/19289/honda-cbr500-cb500x-and-cb500r-sighted-in-italy-spy-shots

2012 Yamaha TMAX with original accesories from Yamaha Europe

As the name suggests, it means this TMAX is a maxi scooter. 500cc engine is all it need to make it one of the maxi scooter in Yamaha own bike lineup. This one in Europe in the colour of black attracts my attention with the accessories that further enchance the look of this bike. Not available directly from HLYM in Malaysia though. Anyway, you can still find it at mudah.my if you are really interested to buy it. Not cheap!

via: Jeff Nouvo FB page

2012 Yamaha TMax Teaser [Video]

2012 Yamaha TMAX (Photo Credit: motoblog.it)

Yamaha TMAX is a big scooter with 500cc engine to move it forward. There are few of bikes available in Malaysia when I search it at mudah.my. In Europe this bike very popular and this is also the last bike rode by Norick Abe before he crashed with this bike. Not a good way to tell a story about this bike.

It is also known as maxi scooter. TMAX comes with 4-stroke and counter-balanced 2 cylinder engine, aluminium chassis, fuel-injection and ABS front and rear disc brakes. This features are good for this maxi which popular in Europe where riders are looking for balanced power and small size to beat the traffic and to be easy to park with limited parking in the city.

One more features that are good about this bike is the seating position that is made for comfort ride and this can really give benefit for long distance riding.

2011 Yamaha TMAX price in Malaysia is about RM64,000.

Check out the video after the jump of the 2012 Yamaha TMAX  Continue reading “2012 Yamaha TMax Teaser [Video]”

Oval Piston: V8 in V4 Engine by Honda from 1979

Oval piston as fitted to 1979 Honda NR500

In April 1978, Honda wants to make a comeback to World GP. At that time, all of the bikes uses 2-stroke engine. Honda wants to use 4-stroke engine. So, how do they get maximum power to compete with the more powerful 2-stroker? Oval piston was the engineering piece that could answer the question. In theory, oval piston can create a V8-like engine with only 4 piston. So, V8 power in the form of V4. This technology gives me some insight of how Honda thinks to overcome a certain problems.

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