KTM 200 Duke Radiator Guard – the better guard for your radiator – RM80


Available in Malaysia, you can now fit this standard parts for India’s KTM Duke radiator guard. The material is made from plastic but by the way it looks, it is thick enough and can withstand the weather elements. The price is also affordable at less than RM80. For me, this is a better radiator guard as compared to the ones made by aluminium or even steel since this one doesn’t restrict airflow and the ducts are angled for better air to go through it.    Continue reading “KTM 200 Duke Radiator Guard – the better guard for your radiator – RM80”

2014 Yamaha SR400 – 35 years of heritage

2014-Yamaha-400-SR-EU-Matt-Grey-Studio-001Anyone who was old enough to ride a motorcycle in the 1970s will remember the fanfare that greeted the launch of the original Yamaha SR models. Inspired by the dual purpose XT500 which was launched a few years earlier, the single cylinder SR400 and SR500 were announced in 1978, and went on to become some of Yamaha’s most popular and enduring models.

With their relaxed torque output, slim and agile chassis design and classic styling, the Japanese-market SR400 and European-market SR500 became firm favourites with enthusiasts who were looking for a simple machine that captured the very spirit of sports motorcycling. In many European countries including Germany, Austria and Belgium, groups of SR500 owners formed enthusiasts’ clubs, many of which still run to this day. To underline its appeal, the SR500 went on to win consecutive ‘Moto of the Year’ awards from Germany’s Motorrad magazine – one of the highest circulation motorcycle titles in Europe. During the same period the bike was establishing a cult following in Europe and Japan, with many SR models being handed down from father to son.  Continue reading “2014 Yamaha SR400 – 35 years of heritage”

2014 KTM RC200 and RC390 might be coming soon to Malaysia in Q2 2014

A recent update by Sinar Turbo (a FB page by Sinar Harian) has gives us hope to see the KTM super sport machine for young rider, the RC200 and RC390 which might makes it presence in second quarter of 2014. Quarter 2 is a period from May-August April-June (thanks to mosar for the correction!).
This can be true since there is a large rider support for KTM bikes. I can see lots of 200 Duke and 690 Duke roaming in Malaysia. The introduction of the RC will be a very welcomed move by KTM from the riders as I can see it.
Anyway, the RC125 will not make it to Malaysia officially since there is already RC200 which is closely specced.

Via: Sinar Turbo FB

2014 KTM RC125, RC200 & RC390 officially unveiled – street legal super sports machine


KTM unveiled its trio of super sport series named RC in EICMA, Italy. The trio are RC125, RC200 and RC390. The subject of this bike is to make it more track friendly and appeal to younger rider that are starting to learn to ride track bikes. Personally, I like the double headlight cluster that is enclosed in elongated frame that looks very different that what we always see. This might be the iconic look for KTM super sports bike for years to come as what BMW have done with the squinty headlight of the S1000RR.

You might already know the nice features of this bike that include steeper steering angle and more forward riding position. The wheelbase are much shorter for that ‘flickability’ manner. It retains the rigid Trellis frame from the Duke base model. Seeing this bike on the road will surely turns some heads around since the style is really noticable and spark a chat between rider and onlookers. Just enjoy the high resolution gallery after the jump and enjoy the sleepless night thinking of this bike:  Continue reading “2014 KTM RC125, RC200 & RC390 officially unveiled – street legal super sports machine”

2014 Bikes from Honda – Dunk, CBR250R and CB400 Super Four


Other than the previously featured Honda CB1300 Super Bol D’Or,  Honda also preparing 3 more bikes for reveal in 2014. Here we have the 50cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled scooter, Honda Dunk. The popular Honda CBR250R also gets updated with new body design especially the double headlight that is different than the single headlight as of previous model. Then, there is Honda CB400 Super Four which carries retro design styles that is looking very nice and comes with 4-cylinder engine that should give lots of torque.  Continue reading “2014 Bikes from Honda – Dunk, CBR250R and CB400 Super Four”

2014 KTM 390 Duke launched in Malaysia – RM27,935.10 OTR [UPDATED: Gallery added, topspeed 177km/h]

2013-10-21 17.36.52

It has come and it will rock the biking scene in Malaysia. The first information that we all want to know is the price and here it is: RM26,500 basic price and RM27,935.10 on the road and might differs a bit between shops. This 390 Duke is CKD in Kedah at KTM Motonation Factory.

KTM 390 Duke comes with 43hp single-cylinder engine that provides enough grunt for a bike this size. For a comparison, the CB500F have 47hp which is comparable to this KTM 390 Duke. Continue reading “2014 KTM 390 Duke launched in Malaysia – RM27,935.10 OTR [UPDATED: Gallery added, topspeed 177km/h]”

2014 KTM Duke 390 is coming soon to Malaysia


If this image of an ads of ktmmalaysiackd.com to be believed, the KTM Duke 390 is about to come to our shore soon. The price is estimated at RM2Xk. This bike will be a powerful variant compared to the Duke 200 for more riding enjoyment at 43hp. The styling of KTM is always radical, different and muscular compared to other makes. This Austrian company really knows the essence of biking.

Gallery, Features and Tech Specs: 2014 Honda CBR400R launched in Japan – ¥700,000(RM23,290)


It is now official that Honda CBR400R is actually is the real thing. This beauty will place in the middle of the range between CBR250R and CBR500R. The engine featured for this bike is 399cc 2-cylinder liquid-cooled with 67.0mm x 56.6m bore and stroke dimension. Based on this configuration we can see that the engine is high-revving one that should satisfy the buzz while taking it to the limit.  Honda has been very active launching new bikes almost every two month and that is a good thing for rider like us. Even the CBR400R and CBR500R differs by ‘only’ 100cc, it can actually reflects to lower price and lower license restrictions in some country which again a good thing. Continue reading “Gallery, Features and Tech Specs: 2014 Honda CBR400R launched in Japan – ¥700,000(RM23,290)”

2013 Honda CBR400R, CB400F, CB400X and CRF250M


TOKYO, Japan, March 12, 2013 – Honda today announced that it will exhibit a large variety of motorcycle models at the 29th Osaka Motorcycle Show 2013 to be held from Friday, March 15 to Sunday, March 17 at Intex Osaka and the 40th Tokyo Motorcycle Show to be held from Friday, March 22 to Sunday, March 24 at Tokyo Big Sight.

The Honda exhibit will feature both exhibition and production models, with 24 models at the Osaka Motorcycle Show and 32 models at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Under the slogan of “I love motorcycles!”, Honda will unveil new initiatives that point the way to a fun-filled lifestyle revolving around motorcycles, including a mobile campaign integrated with a smartphone app to communicate with the shows’ visitors.  Continue reading “2013 Honda CBR400R, CB400F, CB400X and CRF250M”