KTM 390 Adventure coming soon?


Reports coming out of India allege that rumoured KTM 390 Adventure plus smaller 200 Adventure models will debut soon.

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2016 BMW G 310 R is coming this June to Malaysia – estimated RM25k


BikesRepublic.com has reported that an interesting bikes is coming soon to our shore. A recent post in mudah .my shows that this BMW G 310 R, the first BMW roadster under 500cc, is coming this June 2016 at an estimated price of RM25,000.  Continue reading “2016 BMW G 310 R is coming this June to Malaysia – estimated RM25k”

2016 BMW G 310 R – the first BMW roadster under 500 cc


The BMW G 310 R – the first BMW roadster under 500 cc. 
One cylinder, low weight, powerful dynamic performance –the BMW G 310 R embodies the pure essence of a BMW roadster: it has neither too little nor too much of anything. Pragmatic in the best sense of the word, it offers precisely what is needed – for dynamic performance and comfort, both in town and out in the country. The BMW G 310 R takes these essential qualities into a capacity segment that is new to BMW Motorrad. As a genuine BMW roadster it masters a range of disciplines: it is just as happy winding its way nimbly and flexibly through the narrow streets of a city as it is travelling supremely and powerfully along country roads. And thanks to its exceptionally low level of fuel consumption and a relaxed, comfortable seating position, it offers the welcome capability of being able to cover a long distance at a time.

At home on the roads of the world. 
Newly conceived from scratch, the G 310 R represents everything BMW Motorrad stands for: innovation, quality and of course many years of carefree partnership with its owner. Designed specifically for the world market, the BMW G 310 R can run on the most diverse fuel qualities, meets all emission standards and local requirements – and takes the typical BMW premium aspiration to the segment under 500 cc.

Dynamic roadster design with echoes of the S 1000 R. 
The powerfully expressive design of the BMW G 310 R instantly reveals its agile, dynamic character, making a clear statement within its own segment. It has an unmistakeable visual kinship with athletic family members such as the BMW S 1000 R. The small headlamp mask with striking headlamp, dynamically modelled fuel tank trim elements and characteristic roadster proportions with a striking front section and dynamic rear give the BMW G 310 R a mature presence on the road. Precisely modelled surfaces define the dynamic side view. The compact, dynamic proportions and the short wheelbase promise fast changes of direction, while the high rear conveys a lightness that is suggestive of the bike’s sporty genes. In spite of the clearly visible naked bike character of the BMW G 310 R, the side surfaces in body colour create a closed silhouette in athletic style. High-end details such as a standard upside-down fork, quality materials, supplementary fittings and excellent workmanship all reflect the finest within the segment, clearly underscoring the premium aspiration of the BMW G 310 R.  Continue reading “2016 BMW G 310 R – the first BMW roadster under 500 cc”

2015 Yamaha MT-03 now available in Thailand – 321cc Dark Knight of Street


Most of us already knew about the availability of the Yamaha MT-25 in Indonesia, but in Thailand, they just got a much more powerful version of it with the name Yamaha MT-03 ABS. This a predicted marketing by Yamaha since they already introduced the YZF-R3 in Thailand as opposed to the YZF-R25 in Indonesia and Malaysia. The YZF-R25 and YZF-R3 share the same frame and accessories, except the higher capacity engine at 321cc as compared to the 249cc and the addition of ABS. FYI, the R25 produces 35.5hp (26.5kW) at 12,000RPM with torque rated at 22.1Nm at 10,000RPM. While the R3 is pushing 30.9 kW (42.0PS) @ 10,750 rpm and 29.6 Nm (3.0 kg-m) @ 9,000 rpm. This actually translates to 14.3% increase in power and 25.3% increase in torque!   Continue reading “2015 Yamaha MT-03 now available in Thailand – 321cc Dark Knight of Street”

2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300 (RM26,989) and Z300(RM25,989) now available in Malaysia


Our team has managed to get more info about the availability of the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Z300. Thoriq got these pictures at Kawasaki Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Shah Alam. There is no official launch, so it seems that Kawasaki releasing bike quietly to dealers as we have seen in mudah sales page and also on lots of dealers facebook page.

Malaysian riders are confused about this (including me). How can Kawasaki releases two almost identical bike to the already popular Ninja 250(RM22,589) and Z250 (RM21,589)? The price difference is at RM4,000 for each of the bike category (eg: Z300 vs Z250).   Continue reading “2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300 (RM26,989) and Z300(RM25,989) now available in Malaysia”

Aprilia SR Max 300 debuts in Malaysia


Naza Premira launches new Aprilia SR Max 300 maxi scooter with a special introductory price of RM28,800.

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Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Z300 are coming to Malaysia?


It seems that Kawasaki is preparing to bring the Ninja 300 and the Z300 to Malaysia.
Tagged by Qbee Motor, we now have the pricing of the Ninja 300 at RM26,989 and Z300 at RM25,989. We are not sure whether that is basic price or not.
Well riders, do you like to see this bike on Malaysian road?

Credit to Qbee Motor for notifying us. Thanks!

2015 Yamaha YZF-R3 unveiled – 320cc 2-cylinder 42PS power


Yamaha YZF-R3 has made its appearance in Yamaha UK. On the first impression, it looks very much like the YZF-R25 that has been released in Indonesia. This one carries bigger engine at 320cc with 2-cylinder DOHC configuration. Power maxes out at 42PS which is good for this bike in this category.  Check out the tech specs after the jump:  Continue reading “2015 Yamaha YZF-R3 unveiled – 320cc 2-cylinder 42PS power”

2015 KTM RC200 and RC390 are going to be unveiled in Malaysia this 16 September 2014


KTM Malaysia CKD has posted on their FB page that shows that they are going to unveil the KTM RC200 and RC390 this 16 September. It has been unveiled at Modena, Italy last week and the arrival of the RC200 and RC390 to Malaysia is very quick. Price is estimated to be around RM18,000 for the RC200 and RM28,000 for the RC390.

via: KTM Malaysia-CKD FB