Brosur 1980an Honda NS400R – enjin V3 387cc 2-lejang


Siri NS dari Honda merupakan siri jentera yang mempunyai enjin 2-lejang. Ini dapat dilihat dalam penggunaan nama NSR500 yang telah digunakan dalam MotoGP pada satu masa dahulu. Manakala siri CB, samada CBR, CBX, CBF dan sepertinya, merujuk kepada siri jentera dengan 4-lejang.

NS400R ini dikeluarkan bermula pada 1985, dan hanya bertahan sehingga 1987, iaitu 2 tahun sahaja dalam pengeluarannya.   Continue reading “Brosur 1980an Honda NS400R – enjin V3 387cc 2-lejang”

2014 Ronax 500 – 2-stroke machine racebike that ready for the road – EUR100k (MYR433,120) only 46 units


Ronax from Germany has relived the glory of 2-stroke 500cc machine in 2014 with this Ronax 500 beauty. Made only to 46 units, this 80 degree V4 2-stroke counter-rotating crankshaft engine can push out 160hp at 11,500RPM to its 6-speed gearbox. The bore and stroke are measured at 54 x 54.5cm that is almost squarish that makes it able to be balance in terms of torque and horsepower. Electronics are also added with two mappings for sport and rain.

This bike really brings back the memories of 2-stroke era in 1970s and all the way to 2000s where there are so many fast 2-stroke roaming anywhere in the world including in Malaysia with the presence of Yamaha TZM 150, Honda NSR150RR/SP, Kawasaki K1, Kawasaki RR, Suzuki Panther, Suzuki Gamma and RG Sports.

This Ronax 500 doesn’t cheap though. It is priced at EUR100,000 or directly converted to RM433,120. Check out the specs and more pictures after the jump:  Continue reading “2014 Ronax 500 – 2-stroke machine racebike that ready for the road – EUR100k (MYR433,120) only 46 units”

1995 Honda NSR 500 Mick Doohan GP Bike


The days when 2-stroke 500cc tears the track in GP championship. The days when Michelin was one of the tyre supplier. The days when we really see a race replica bike is actually a superbly fast bikes (NSR 250 for example). The days that we wish were never gone.

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1999 Aprilia RS250 Challenge – the 2-stroke racer


A beautiful 2-stroke machine by Aprilia with the given name of RS250 Challenge. Reminds me the time of MotoGP era where we still can see 2-stroke bikes on the race with 125cc and 250cc class. It was a great time and the sound the 2-stroke machine is nice. This particular Aprilia RS250 share the same engine with the lovable Suzuki RGV250 VJ22 but tuned for higher power output and styling that is so Italian. This could be a bike that you can even park it in your living room and stare at it all day when you are not riding it.