Honda NSR150RR

Honda NSR150RR for sale at RM5500

Before the Honda NSR150SP make its appearance in 2002, the Asia world are dominated with the older sibling that is the Honda NSR150RR. RR stands for ‘Race Replica’ or is it ‘Race Ready’?. At that time, Honda dominated the Motorcycle Grand Prix by winning almost every races by the rider, Mick Doohan, with his NSR500 bike. NSR are nomenclature used by Honda for its 2-stroke bike. This means that the 90’s are the heaven of 2-strokes bike along with the recognition in the racing world. But now, there are fewer and fewer 2-stroke bikes involve in racing and much more fewer are going to be produced. Luckily, Aprilia still holding on to produce the RS125.

Europe Union has stopped the import and production of 2-stroke bike above 50cc in 2003. That leaves a lot of biker in Greece, UK and many more not to enjoy the need for speed of these great bikes.

In Malaysia, this bike is still available in used condition. As pictured above, I have found one in immaculate condition on at RM5500 which is reasonably priced, but could be cheaper.

While reading on the net about this bike, I have stumbled upon this blog which blogs about NSR150RR. Also, read this one too.

Yamaha TZM 150 Test Drive Review on Roda-Roda Magazine October 1994

Yamaha TZM 150 Test Drive Review on Roda-Roda Magazine October 1994

Another freaking great 150cc 2-stroker that is among the elit class of Honda NSR150SP, Suzuki Gamma and Kawasaki KRR-150, is the formidable and futurist Yamaha TZM150 which is being launched in Malaysia in 1994. At that time, the technology used by TZM150 are far advanced that what is usually available. The introduction of Deltabox chassis, two-piston caliper, monoshock and YPVS, makes it the best bike to choose at the showroom. The full-fairing body are much more race like compared to Suzuki Gamma and Kawasaki KRR150, with the exception of Honda NSR150RR which, I think already race ready looks.

I personally thank to those who have uploaded the test drive originally that gives the opportunity for me to read it, since I have checked the Roda-Roda magazine subscription for previous issue and found out the Oct 1994 edition has already sold out.

The test drive are in Malay language (sorry international readers).

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Honda NSR150SP Technology Brochure

Honda NSR150SP Technology Brochure

I’m filling my days researching and finding infos about Honda NSR 150SP. This is one of my great find. Too bad it is written in Thai.

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2002 Honda NSR150SP Technical Specification

Honda NSR150SP

One of the most powerful 150cc 2-stroke bike ever made. Honda NSR150SP is rated at 38.96hp which is much more powerful than the 2011 Honda CBR250R 250cc 4-strokeĀ  engine which is at 26hp. Nowadays, this bike is rare, but the prices are still acceptable. A look up in shows that this bike is at RM6000-7000 which is great for a powerful bike with Repsol race stripe.

Model Name: NSR SP 2002 Model
Engine Type: 2 stroke – crank case reed valve water cooled engine, RC valve
Displacement: 149cc
Compression Ratio: 6.8 : 1
Maximum Power: 39.5 ps (38.96hp)/10,500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 2.75 kg-m (26.97 Nm)/ 10,000 rpm Continue reading “2002 Honda NSR150SP Technical Specification”

AHM M1 Trioval Exhaust for Yamaha FZ-150i

AHM M1 Trioval Exhaust for Yamaha FZ-150i

While browsing at for AHM M1 exhaust pipe, I have stumbled upon this AHM M1 Trioval in used condition for Yamaha FZ-150i.

Price is at RM399.

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