Yamaha 125ZR (2016) warna kuning – RM7,269.00 (asas)


Yamaha 125ZR untuk 2016 kini hadir dengan satu lagi pilihan warna baru iaitu kuning. Ramai mengatakan warna ini sesuai dipanggil sebagai Kuning Diraja (Royal Yellow). Kehadiran Yamaha 125ZR dengan warna kuning ini memberikan nafas baru kepada motosikal berstatus lagenda ini yang telah dikeluarkan sejak dari 1999 hingga kini. Kiranya, sudah hampir 17 tahun peminat 2-lejang di Malaysia dapat menikmati jentera yang sangat menarik ini. Seperti yang saya pernah katakan sebelum ini, Yamaha 125ZR adalah salah satu motosikal yang menghampiri kesempurnaan; laju, praktikal dan menarik (dari segi rekaan). Selain itu, Yamaha 125ZR juga lebih murah jika dibandingkan dengan Y15ZR yang juga fokus kepada prestasi.

Kini hanya 3 warna ada dalam pilihan iaitu Merah, Biru Edisi GP dan Kuning. Warna hitam sudah tiada dalam pengeluaran.

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Brosur Yamaha 125ZR (2016) warna kuning – akan tiba nanti?


Brosur Yamaha 125ZR berwarna kuning dengan kombinasi hitam yang dikhabarkan akan hadir pada 2016 ini tertiris. Tidak dapat dipastikan samada brosur ini benar atau tidak, tetapi terdapat beberapa khabar yang mengiyakan bahawa model 125ZR kuning ini sedang dalam proses pembikinan.  Continue reading “Brosur Yamaha 125ZR (2016) warna kuning – akan tiba nanti?”

2012 Yamaha 125ZR Now Available at BLH Motor!

After Mr. Thanawi sent me the SMS about the availability of the 2012 Y125ZR, BLH Motor has uploaded new images of the 2012 Y125ZR in their FB fan page and shows that they have ready stock of the bike. I also have called GTMax and they also confirmed that the bike is already at their shop. So, I think this means that the bike is also available at the shop near you (not sure if you are in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan). So, check it out at the shop soonest! Check out more pictures right now, no need to check after the jump!

Price is about RM7500-RM7900 OTR including 1st party all rider insurance and road tax depends on the shop. (Translation: Harga Yamaha 125ZR biru adalah RM7500-RM7900 atas jalan termasuk 1st party all-rider insurans dan cukai jalan)

Check more pictures on BLH Motor FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/BLHMotor

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2012 Yamaha Y125ZR in Blue is Coming Soon

20111221-092757 PG.jpg

BLH Motor has posted in their FB page that they are going to get the stock for Yamaha Y125ZR in blue colour soon. Previously, I was notified by rumors that Y125ZR is going to be discontinued after the launched Ego LC, but luckily all that was pure rumors. There is no plan yet from HLYM to stop the production of the one of their big seller item. Continue reading “2012 Yamaha Y125ZR in Blue is Coming Soon”

2011 Yamaha 125Z Limited Edition – Blue Wheels with White Lining [UPDATED]

2011 Yamaha 125Z Limited Edition

We have seen the spyshot earlier. This is one more picture with better resolution. Looks like it is in display. Don’t know where this is. Hope to see this soon at GTMax Motors so I can snap lots of pictures and know the price.

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Racing Bee 1.5mm Stroker Pin for Yamaha 125Z

Observe the 1.5mm engraving on the stroker pin

Stroker pin provides longer stroke for your bike from the original bore at 53.8mm and stroke at 54.7mm. This 1.5mm stroker pin will raise the stroke to 56.2mm. Longer stroke are said to provides higher torque that gives better pick-up.

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Modified Yamaha 125ZR Red Drag Machine by Randy, Philippines

Modified Yamaha 125ZR Red Drag Machine by Randy, Philippines

Randy from Philippines has prepared a great Y125ZR for drag races there. The colour choices of overall red makes this bikes looks mean and intimidating by its competitor.

The tuning of this bike are massive as it includes YYPang exhaust pipe, VForce3 reed valve system, alloy wheels along with very low profile and narrow tyre to cut the friction to down minimum.

The seat are removed and replaced by only thin plastic to cut down the weight. The jockey for this bike needs to make sure he got butt of steel to take bike for the winning.

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VForce3 Reed Valve System by Moto Tassinari for Yamaha 125Z

I have bought this for my friend. He said that this item is good for pickup and top speed of Y125Z. I’ve done some searching and found great explaination by Moto Tassinari itself.

Quote taken from www.moto-tassinari.com :

The Moto Tassinari VForce3 reed valve system is often times the number one choice of users looking to improve the performance of their machine. It’s a true “bolt-on” performance modification. If you’ve ever checked your reed petals for wear (which you should be doing once a year) than you can install a VForce3 Reed Valve System.

The VForce3 Reed Valve System incorporates features you won’t find with other system on the market. With such features as twice the reed tip surface, radius cage surface, snap-together construction, proprietary carbon fiber recipes and more. By doubling the reed tip surface the petals now only need to open half as far to have the same flow as a stock style cage. This is a significant advantage when you factor in that a reed petal opens and closes 133 times per second at 8,000 rpm. The petals are only traveling half the distance of a stock style cage, so now fatigue to the petal has been greatly reduced, increasing petal life. This design also enables the valve to drastically improve the entire powerband with a significant boost in the bottom and mid. Instant throttle response is an understatement! The petals now sit on a radius surface to create a “pre-loading” effect that improves an already snappy acceleration. Our new cage design now allows the reed petal tips to be recessed into the cage itself. This allows for a cushioning of the reed tips and also discourages the possibility of any back-flow.

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