Racing Bee 1.5mm Stroker Pin for Yamaha 125Z

Observe the 1.5mm engraving on the stroker pin

Stroker pin provides longer stroke for your bike from the original bore at 53.8mm and stroke at 54.7mm. This 1.5mm stroker pin will raise the stroke to 56.2mm. Longer stroke are said to provides higher torque that gives better pick-up.

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Modified Yamaha 125ZR Red Drag Machine by Randy, Philippines

Modified Yamaha 125ZR Red Drag Machine by Randy, Philippines

Randy from Philippines has prepared a great Y125ZR for drag races there. The colour choices of overall red makes this bikes looks mean and intimidating by its competitor.

The tuning of this bike are massive as it includes YYPang exhaust pipe, VForce3 reed valve system, alloy wheels along with very low profile and narrow tyre to cut the friction to down minimum.

The seat are removed and replaced by only thin plastic to cut down the weight. The jockey for this bike needs to make sure he got butt of steel to take bike for the winning.

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FG511: Racing Boy Forged Rim – RM2,680

FG511: Racing Boy Forged Rim
Racing Boy Forged Rim

For now this forged wheel is only available for Yamaha Y125Z. Forged wheel are better than cast wheel in many aspects. The most important aspect is in its lightness and strength. Usually forged wheel are only available for superbike, but now Racing Boy has make the important step to made this available to underbone riders.

The price for this forged wheel are absolutely more expensive than the cast alloy wheel that Racing Boy already offer in its wheel lineup.

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Racing Boy High Performance Ignition Cable

Racing Boy High Performance Ignition Cable

Available in two colours; red and blue. Able to withstand up to 200 degree Celsius. Picture scanned from Kapcai magazine. Brother Ghani Arafatz, don’t be angry! Rock N Ride Nohhh!

WISECO Pro-Lite Piston Kit for 1988 Yamaha YZ125

WISECO Pro-Lite Piston Kit

Wiseco is one of the high performance engine parts manufacturer for dirt bike. I have stumble upon this great online shop here with sells a lot of dirt bike parts.
This is good because many parts from the dirt bike Yamaha YZ125 can be fitted to Yamaha 125Z. One of the common part that is fitted to 125Z is the piston and connecting rod from the YZ125. Parts from YZ 125 are considered tough and long lasting as it is used in extreme condition that is in dirt bike racing.
Using the piston and conrod from the YZ125 are also said to increase the compression of the 125Z go higher than stock RPM, just make sure your CDI is not RPM-limited.
The parts here are not cheap though. It cost about USD150 (MYR510) just for the piston.
Anyway, from the reviews that I have read, many customers are satisfied with it. It increase the top end of the customers bike.
What’s your view about? Buy it and then you know it.
More info? Get to;YZ125;1988

Shell Advance Yamaha Maju Motor Malaysian Cub Prix Race Bike

The line-up for Shell Advance Yamaha Maju Motor Malaysian Cub Prix 2-stroke Bike

Uma Racing caliper fitted

This one is Yamaha 125Z but the exhaust pipe is gone

Yamaha 125Z Race Version

Looks mean in red and white

The other Yamaha 125Z race version with red AHM muffler fitted

Yamaha SS for the Shell Advance Yamaha Maju Motor Team

Racing Boy Oversize Disc Plate

Gold AHM Muffler for this Yamaha SS

Illegal Yamaha 125Z Racing Bike

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What was modded on that bike…?
block and piston
– Original Yamaha 125zR block.
– Bored tu 57mm using DT125(enduro) RK brand piston.
– Ported and polish the block.

Engine head
– OEM header.
– Skimmed the header and polished it.

– Standard Y125z manual clutch system.
– Original Yamaha friction plate.
– GT Racing clutch springs.

Actually that bike got 2 carburetor unit.
– Carb Mikuni for Suzuki Panther 150. [Main jet 300, pilot 28.5]
– Keihin PWK 28mm. Ported to 30mm. [unknown]
– paired with FCCi Racing reed valve.

– Fully Standard. Even the CDi is standard.

– BM Power + YY Pang exhaust manifold + custom made end can silencer.

– Standard OEM front and rear suspension system.

Final drive
– Using 15/34 MCS sprocket setup with TP Racing 415 chain.

– COM* 17×1.4 alloy rims with hi-polish 125z hubs.
– Camel 50/90 tyre. very2 kecik punya tayar.

– Standard front disc brake system.
– Rear disc brake system was removed due to no use of using it.


– None. This bike was staying in the house all the time except when it was needed on the road.

Which shop do all this ?
– my friend’s house. Of coz la this is his bike.

How fast can it go ?

– 180km/h on 4th gear. after that cant calculate due to meter limit is only at 180km/h.
– 16sec for a kilometer.