2014 Michelin City Pro motorcycle tyre launched in Malaysia – tube type tyre that is 20% more resistant to puncture

Verati Sdn Bhd, the distributor of Michelin motorcycle tyre in Malaysia introduces the Michelin City Pro, a tube type tyre that is 20% more resistant to puncture. Last year, Michelin has introduced the Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial which is a tubeless type tyre for the premium sporty under 250 rider who wants the best tyre in dry and wet condition.
Here are 10 interesting features and info about the Michelin City Pro: 
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2014 Modenas GT128 (RM5,188) and Ace 115 (RM4,398) Edisi Harimau Malaya


Modenas has updated the livery two of their bikes that is the Modenas GT128 and Modenas Ace 115 to this new livery named ‘Edisi Harimau Malaya’. Harimau Malaya is the iconic name for the Malaysian football team that is themed with the colour black and yellow. It is inspired from the tiger that is found in Malaysian forest. It represents the spirit of the Malaysian people that have the perserverance to fight for their dreams.

2014 Modenas GT128 Edisi Harimau Malaya is priced at RM5,188 and 2014 Modenas Ace 115 is priced at RM4,398. All are basic price not including road tax, insurance and registration.

2004 Suzuki Satria 120 R – 2-stroke power


After looking for a bike model from Suzuki on Google, I found this interesting picture of the 2004 Suzuki Satria 120 R which is marketed in Indonesia. The bike bears a significant resemblance of the Yamaha 125Z.

The bike itself is equipped with great specs to begin with. We can see the use of the front and rear disc brake, monoshock rear suspension, 120cc lean-angle 2-stroke engine. The engine are able to push 15.5PS at 8,000RPM and 1.50kgmf at 7,000RPM. Transmission is checked with the 6-speed gearbox. The tyre is wide at 2.50-17 at the front and 2.75-17 at the rear. All that packaged in 101kg of total weight.  Continue reading “2004 Suzuki Satria 120 R – 2-stroke power”

2013 Modenas 118EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection bike by Modenas – RM4,775.40


Modenas just launched its first below 150cc electronic fuel injection bikes with the name of 118EFI. On the first impression, I can see that it holds the design cues of the Modenas CT110/100 that extends all the way from the headlight, chassis and rear suspension. The difference that we can see is that it now carries a larger displacement at 120.3cc. We already know that the real benefit for the EFI system for any engine is about the accurate fuel and air mixture that are controlled by Electronic Control Unit (ECU) or FCU (Fuel Control Unit) which provides great fuel efficiency. This 118FI really show its benefit with 50km for each liter of fuel burned. That relates to about 215km per fuel tank of journey since this bike also carries 4.3 liter of tank capacity. Continue reading “2013 Modenas 118EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection bike by Modenas – RM4,775.40”

Edisi BM: Tunggang Uji Modenas Dinamik 120 dalam Kosmo 6 April 2013


Satu ulasan mengenai Modenas Dinamik 120 2-lejang yang amat jarang dilihat di Malaysia. Cukup ‘rare’ dikalangan moped berprestasi tinggi. Dinamik 120 amat popular di Greece dan pelbagai modifikasi ekstrem telah dibuat kepadanya. Silalah baca ulasan mengenainya pada halaman diatas dengan mengklik gambar tersebut untuk resolusi yang lebih besar. Harga Modenas Dinamik 120 adalah RM5,749 dan sukar didapati di kedai kerana kuantitinya yang amat terhad.

Jangan lupa juga membeli suratkhabar Kosmo ye!

via: Shawkath Azde FB