Modenas CT110 Cub Prix Racing Modified Bike For Sale

Quote from the sales page:

Racing Bike For SALE..!!!
Ex-Cilik Caviaga Racing Team
Modenas CT110
2 Units Available
Podium Bike

RM8,500 Each
(Bought from Modenas at RM19,000 per Unit)
Not a Sponsored Bike
Modenas Develop and Sell it to Racing Team
Highly Negotiable

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Motorcycle Fuel Consumption Efficiency Comparison Data

Honda Wave 125X Ultimo = 57.8km/L

Suzuki Belang R150 = 37km/L** on 100-120km/h average speed

Suzuki Smash Revo 110 = 42km/L*

Suzuki Smash V115 = 50.2km/L*

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Yoshimura Products for Underbone Motorcycles Lineup

Yoshimura Full System Trioval Exhaust Pipe for Suzuki Belang R150

There are many more underbone bikes that get some love from Yoshimura from Japan. I have checked their website and found out that there are already full system exhaust pipes and some camshaft from them. The bikes that get to see the light of modification from Yoshimura other than the Yamaha Lagenda 115Z, Yamaha 135LC and Honda Wave 125X are Suzuki FJ110 (Belang R150 smaller brother aka Raider 110), Suzuki Axelo 125, Yamaha Ego S, Yamaha Ego LC aka Mio 125 or Xeon, Yamaha Vega R 110 and Honda Icon 110AT.

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