KTM Duke 200 Launched in Malaysia on 26 August 2011!

KTM Duke 200 with 1Malaysia Sticker
KTM Duke 200 Malaysia Launch

KTM Duke 125 and 200 are most awaited by many Malaysian riders here. This time we just might get to see KTM Duke 200 launched tomorrow (26/08/2011) afternoon.

I’m also waiting for the launch of this bike and I really eager to know about the pricing. Rumors said it is priced below RM20k. It means this can compete with Kawasaki Ninja 250R and Honda CBR250R.

UPDATE: It is CKD version. Price is estimated from RM15k – 18k. Very affordable for a continental bike.

UPDATE II: It is going to be launch by our PM tomorrow, but sales only start early next year (2012). Now, there are only 3 unit of concept bike in Malaysia. 2 more picture added after the jump

UPDATE III: It is launched earlier today by our Prime Minister. The bike will be assembled by KTM Motonation factory here in Malaysia. The sale of the bike will start early 2012. KTM Duke 200 is the variation of KTM Duke 125 which is marketed specifically for Asian countries. The European will get the KTM Duke 125 only. Hurray for Malaysia!

UPDATE IV: I forgot to tell you that the lauching has been shown on Buletin Utama TV3 last night (26/8/2011). I also got the video of the launching, but for this few days I actually updating using my phone, so, I can’t access to the video yet. Maybe tomorrow you’ll get to see the launching video.

UPDATE V: Here is the link of the KTM Duke 200 launch: http://www.tonton.com.my/#/home/shows/Local/buletin_utama_2011_ec72bef6c2564757baac9e5b0111e00d/fri_aug_26_a0bb8ba0fb2e4bafb6fa9e5b0111cf11
Note: You need to register first before can view the video. Can somebody upload it to the YouTube? After that, put the YouTube link in the comment box. If you guys can help la.

UPDATE VI: Here is the video embed (KTM Duke 200 is on 2:19) after the jump:

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Honda New Blade in Indonesia: 2nd Gen of Honda Wave Dash

Honda New Blade in Indonesia

As always, the Indonesian bikers get a taste of a new bike that is recently launched there before the introduction in Malaysia. I’m getting used to this. This time it is Honda to show their 2nd generation of the beautiful Wave Dash to this New Blade.   Continue reading “Honda New Blade in Indonesia: 2nd Gen of Honda Wave Dash”

SP Takegawa Twin Cam Desmodromic 4-Valve Head for Honda Monkey, Gorilla, CRF50F, XR50R, CRF70F and XR70R

SP Takegawa Twin Cam Desmodromic 4-Valve Head

It seems that this kit is the world’s smallest twin cam desmodromic engine ever made. This kit can be fitted to Honda small cub bikes. Looks like this one can be fitted to Honda C70 here in Malaysia since the engine looks like the Honda CRF70F (picture below).   Continue reading “SP Takegawa Twin Cam Desmodromic 4-Valve Head for Honda Monkey, Gorilla, CRF50F, XR50R, CRF70F and XR70R”

Tyre Safety and Maintenance Tips for ‘Balik Kampung’ by MIROS

Tyre Safety and Maintenance Tips

For our international readers, ‘balik kampung’ means going back to hometown. This happens everytime when there is holiday, usually for Aidilfitri, which is coming this 30 or 31 August.

This tyre safety and maintenance tips is compiled by MIROS (Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research) specifically to motorcycle and scooter and being given away to me while I was driving for ‘balik kampung’. Two-wheels rider are 15 times much more likely to involved in accident and I think this guide is a good thing by MIROS. It is written in Malay language, but lets just translate it to English for the sake of all readers. So, here goes:

Tyre Maintenance Guide:

1. Always check the tyre pressure once a week or much more frequent if the tyre is used for long distance riding daily.

2. Use pressure gauge to check the tyre pressure on cold condition.

3. Do not use worn tyres.

4. Do not ride with excessive weight limit as stated by the tyre sidewall. (Refer to Table A).

5. Follow the speed limit on the road and apply safe riding skill.

How to Read Tyre Information on the Sidewall, Table A and Table B (click to enlarge)

Tyre Buying Guide:

1. Make sure the tyre purchased have the MS or E label.

2. Change the tyre when the tread touched the warning zone ‘Tread Wear Indicator'(TWI).

Tread Wear Indicator

3. Tyre need to be replaced if:

i) cracked

ii) uneven wear

iii) bump on the tread or sidewall

4. Good tyre choice are important for your safety, comfort, handling and economy. (size, load index and speed rating)

Note: I wish you all have a safe journey. Be careful and think of your loved ones!

Happy holidays and SELAMAT HARI RAYA!

Yamaha 135LC 6-speed Modification

You have read the title right. Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit with 5-speed are able to be converted to 6-speed with minimal modification to the engine. This is due to the fact that the engine shared a lot of the component from its brother with 6-speed like the YZF-R15, FZ150i and Byson(Indonesia). Modifmania.com, an Indonesia-based blog has revealed the modification for all us to see and many thanks to them for sharing the valuable information.

I think this the beginning of 135LC 5-speed extreme modification. More and more modification will come out and that just means more fun will come through. Check out for more info after the jump   Continue reading “Yamaha 135LC 6-speed Modification”