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2014 Tyco Suzuki Official hoodie sneak preview

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Tyco Suzuki Hoodie

Tyco Suzuki, the team for Guy Martin of the Isle of Man TT race, has released this hoodie sneak preview in their Twitter. Looking good for the new year and great for the owner of Suzuki.


TT Legends Documentary – Episode 2: The Bol D’Or 24 hour Race [Video]

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014


On the Episode 2, TT Legends Documentary bring us to Magny Cours, France for the 24 hour race of The Bol D’Or. This 22 minute video will one of the best 22 minute you ever spent if you are trully into riders soul. It depicts the hardship and the challenge faced by the TT Legends team to compete for the endurance for 24 hour which was never easy. You can fell the exhaustion, the frustation, the nervousness and sometime you can almost smell the rubbers’ smoke. Check out the video after the jump:   (more…)

2014 FZ150i in Malaysia almost ready to roll out

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


The 2014 FZ-150i has been spotted earlier in July 2013. Now, there are few more pictures of the bike circulating on the net including FB pages. The particular bike above is still being taped the model name, but we can see the engine is engraved with Yamaha. Comparing this picture with the Vixion in Indonesia, it looks like this is the FZ-150i which will make it to Malaysia soon.

The specs includes new rear brake disc system, the updated styling and headlamp. Also seen in the picture above is the missing of the kick starter, which we can’t confirm whether this is the final model or not. It still carries the single-cylinder 149.8cc liquid-cooled SOHC engine with fuel injection system. Power maxes out at 16.59PS at 8,500RPM and torque pulling 14.5Nm at 7,500RPM.

The actual date of release is not known.


2014 Kawasaki Ninja 250RR Mono single-cylinder engine based on KLX250?

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


Kawasaki seems to be preparing a new 250cc bike for the year 2014 with a new configuration. Rumored as the Ninja 250 RR Mono, this bike will incorporated the single-cylinder 250cc engine based from the KLX250. The bore and stroke dimension of the KLX250 is 72.0 x 61.2mm which is more oversquare as compared to the CBR250R that is at 76.0 x 55mm. The longer stroke of the KLX250 will give a higher torque and this will reflect to a better town riding experience.  (more…)

2013 SHOEI J-Cruise Zulfahmi Limited Edition helmet handover to first 100 customer at HRC Kuala Lumpur

Sunday, January 19th, 2014


Sinar Puncak Sdn Bhd as the sole distributor for SHOEI Japan have organised the 2013 SHOEI J-Cruise Zulfahmi Limited Edition open face helmet handover for their first 100 customer taking place in Hard Rock Cafe, Kuala Lumpur. This effort is to enable Zulfahmi fans who have bought the limited edition helmet to meet and greet with him and also the designer, Zaki Ismail. Zulfahmi Khairudin is the KTM-Ajo-AirAsia rider in Moto3 bearing the number 63. Zaki Ismail is the one who owns the Zaki Designs that designs the graphics for Zulfahmi helmet.  (more…)