Rumors update: 2013 Kawasaki Z250 in Malaysia – not as soon as we expected


Kawasaki Z250 in Malaysia rumors update:
1. The name is Z250 – correct
2. It will be launched in January/Feb/Mac –  wrong
3. Will it ever be in Malaysia – 90% maybe
4. What month will it be launched? – in October/Nov/Dec 2013, maybe
5. Price is at RM22k- maybe lower.
6. It will be introduced to replace the KRR150 – maybe
7. The 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R will be available in large number after Chinese New Year – 99% maybe
The bike is already in Malaysia in limited numbers for dealer to evaluate the market. This is the latest news from my source. Sorry as the launch is not as soon as I thought.
Anyway, one more rumors that I heard from the insiders is that Suzuki is also trying to bring the Inazuma 250 in May. We’ll see whether this can be true.
Since this is rumors, I hope you guys can take it with a grain of uncertainty as some rumors can be correct and some can be totally wrong. We’ll update you with the latest info and news about it in the future. 

UPDATE: Some readers are posting about this ads in about the booking of the Kawasaki Z250 in Malaysia Z250

UPDATE (19/9/2013): The bike is said to be launch on 23 October 2013. Check our trail of info via this link

5 thoughts on “Rumors update: 2013 Kawasaki Z250 in Malaysia – not as soon as we expected”

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      hahah..turns out that its the ninja…they gave me the wrong info..saw d green ninja..NICE!!!


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    1)as for ninja 250r 2013>should be available with the dealers starting next week>kawasaki malaysia already updated their website with the ninja 250r 2013 pics and specs.

    2)z250 will also follow shortly.most prolly beginning march.few fellow bikers from chiang mai already pick up theirs from a well known kawasaki dealer in chiang mai even though its launched in indonesia first.(go youtube)my assumption was the indons is supposedly to get theirs around march,but too bad…assembled in thailand for sure thailand will get it first..sorry fellow indon bikers.and by checking with few kawasaki dealers here in kl they also started to collect booking fees for z250 d.

    thailand unveiled the z250 during their bangkok motorshow recently,together with the stunt bike performance of d z800,er6n and z250 in one world shopping mall>source youtube

    so most prolly we will be getting it the same time with indonesia.but then again still cant confirm the pricing…

    i already pre booked mine…

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    z250 ni sekali tengok rasa mcm nak demam moto.
    tapi bila tengok harga, compared to india, indon, US,
    terus terasa baik kena telan panadol aje. tamak
    gila betul polisi permotoran mesia. cekik darah.

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