Honda NC700 Series launch by Boon Siew Honda – NC700X DCT ABS – RM62,088, NC700S DCT ABS – RM58,088

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Honda NC700X in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 16 January 2013 – Boon Siew Honda is leading the industry with a revolutionary way to ride through the introduction of the new NC700X and NC700S models.

According to Mr Satoshi Okada, Managing Director and Chief Executive Offcer of Boon Siew Honda, the NC700 series, which consists of NC700X, NC700S and Integra (NC700D), reflect the company’s effort to introduce different categories of riding excitement to the local market, namely Naked Style, Fun-crossover and Mid Concept.


A ‘New Concept Crossover’ designed for both city commute and off-road motoring

NC700X offers the agile performance of an off-road bike with high standards of comfort, safety and convenience of a street bike. New beginners and experienced riders alike will find the NC700X fun yet practical. For new riders, the easy handling characteristics of NC700X make the crossover a joy to ride. The bike’s aspirated performance on the other hand promises a highly engaging experience for the seasoned riders. 

Sharing the same engineering platform with its NC700S counterpart, the NC700X is fitted with a liquid-cooled, in-line 2-cylinder 670cc engine. This purpose-built lightweight and compact powerplant offers excellent power delivery with strong levels of torque at low to medium rpm. To reduce fuel consumption, the engine was developed with PGM-FI fuel injection system and stoichiometric analysis, which delivers exact fuel/air ratio required for a complete combustion at all engine rpm. It meets the demands of today’s environmental concerns by being highly fuel-efficient (27.9 km/litre, tested in WMTC Mode) for a tank range of nearly 400km (tested in WMTC Mode) as well as low exhaust gas emissions that conforms to EURO 3 Standard.

For enhanced motoring enjoyment, the NC700X comes with an option of either a manual 6-speed transmission or Honda’s second generation Dual Clutch Transmission. The system offers both manual gear shifting and fully automatic functionality – Manual (MT) for inspiring control, Automatic (AT) with two settings: S for sporty riding and D for everyday use.

In terms of braking performance, the Combined Anti-lock Braking System (C-ABS) gets the job done with ease. It links the front and rear braking systems to optimise the pressure acting on each brake. The result is strong and safe deceleration. Additionally, C-ABS has full antilock functionality.

With its internal storage compartment, protective fairing and windscreen as well as commanding riding position, the NC700X is ready for anything, whether city or long distance riding.

The NC700X is available in Darkness Black Metallic, Digital Silver Metallic, Pearl Sunbeam White and Magna Red.


Honda NC700S


‘New Concept Fun Naked’ model for sophisticated thrill seekers

NC700S is the product of a simple requirement: to deliver a motorcycle that is fun to ride and user-friendly at a reasonable price. It offers the practicality of a commuter together with the thrilling performance and distinctive style of a naked.

At the heart of NC700S is an all-new purpose-built engine. The liquid-cooled, in-line 2-cylinder 670cc engine is a space-saving unit with a low centre of gravity. It delivers excellent torque at low to medium engine rpm, combined with EURO 3 Standard compliant low gas emissions. The engine produces a peak power output of 35.0kW at 6,250rpm with excellent torque throughout the rev range peaking at 60.0 Nm at 4,750rpm. Fuel efficiency of 27.9km per litre (Dual Clutch Transmission type, tested in WMTC Mode) for a tank range of nearly 400km (tested in WMTC Mode) was achieved thanks to the utilization of PGM-FI fuel injection system and stoichiometric calculation. The power delivery is so linear and smooth that even riders new to mid-capacity engines can fully enjoy the strong level of performance.

The engine works with an optional second generation Dual Clutch Transmission, which provides the convenience of an automatic transmission with the option of a manual mode if desired. It uses two electronically controlled clutches to deliver fast and smooth transmission in three modes – Manual (MT), Automatic (AT) offers two settings: S for sportier riding and D for urban and highway use.

Light in weight, dynamic performance with intuitive handling responses, the NC700S is a fun and easy to handle naked model for all levels of riding experience. All thanks to the combination of the steel diamond frame, cast aluminium 17″ wheels, and geometry setup. The low seat position adds to the accessibility of the machine, which puts riders of any physical size at ease since they can put a foot down whenever they need to.

Super braking performance is achieved through Combined ABS (C-ABS) with the extra reassurance of an Antilock Brake System (ABS). The C-ABS effectively balances front and rear braking control for smooth operation. At the same time, the ABS provides extra reassurance in unexpected or extreme situations.

NC700S comes with an internal storage space large enough to hold a full-face helmet, digital multi-function instrument display, lightweight 17″ cast aluminium wheels and broad radial tyres (front 120/70, rear 160/60). The model is available in Seal Silver Metallic, Pearl Sunbeam White and Graphite Black.

Honda NC700X Magna Red

Honda NC700X Magna Red

Honda NC700X Pearl Sunbeam White

Honda NC700X Pearl Sunbeam White

Honda NC700S Seal Silver Metallic

Honda NC700S Seal Silver Metallic

Honda NC700X Digital Silver Metallic

Honda NC700X Digital Silver Metallic

Honda NC700S Graphite Black

Honda NC700S Graphite Black

Honda NC700X Darkness Black Metallic

Honda NC700X Darkness Black Metallic

Honda NC700S Pearl Sunbeam White

Honda NC700S Pearl Sunbeam White


The showroom price for NC700X (motorcycle only) is RM 53,988 (Standard edition) and RM62,088 (ABS with DCT version), while the NC700S is available for RM49,888 (Standard edition) and RM58,088 (ABS with DCT version).

Both NC700X and NC700S come with 2 years or 20,000km Manufacturing Warranty.

For more information, visit or call the Boon Siew Honda Toll-Free number at 1800-88-3993 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm, except for public holidays).

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  1. kaherudin says:

    Sorry bro,but you cant compare kawa ckd with Honda cbu, but i agree with you on the fact that they put their motorcycle’s price much higher than other their Jap siblings. Just take a look at PCX,its a great scooter which was sold worldwide,but the ridicolous price did give bad impact on the sale. Anyway kudos to Honda for introducing DCT to motorcycle world. Hello to DCT, goodbye to CVT.

  2. Jai says:

    Why this bike, price is more than Versys650. Price in US, Versys650 is more expensive than NC700 by USD1K. Why in Msia the price is very the overly over price. Versys650 is just RM36K, while NC700 is RM62K, almost RM26K different…
    Like this, I better purchase Versys650 instead. Boring tul la Honda BoonSiew…

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