ENI and Agip Motor Oil

November 9th, 2012 2:18 pm by

Agip is a well known oil company in the world and especially in Malaysia, but what about ENI? After researching on the net, I just got to know that Agip is actually a subsidiary company under ENI. Basically, this means that Agip and ENI has the same quality since essentially it is ‘almost’ the same company. We just got all of the above samples to be tested soon. We have already installed the ENI Moto 4T Tec 10W-50 Synthetic which is the top of the line product to one of our bike and the initial review is that it gives easy acceleration towards the top speed. We need to wait a few hundred more miles before we can a write a full review of it. By the way, here is the price list:

ENI Moto 4T Tec 10W-50 RM65

ENI Super 4T 10W-40 RM29 (I’ll be testing this on my own bike soon)

ENI Super 4T 20W-50 RM27

ENI 2T Smokeless RM26.50

Agip TOUR 10W-40 Synthetic RM35

Here is the preview of the bike with the ENI Moto 4T Tec 10W-50 installed:

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  1. IkhmalMM says:

    bro Eddy, ada yg semi synthetic tak?

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