2012 Yamaha FZ150i new livery by BLH Motor – RM8544.95

May 16th, 2012 3:18 pm by

I must thank you BLH Motor for keeping all of us updated with the new bike launches since they are the Yamaha dealer that can easily have  access to the latest bikes. This time it is for the 2012 Yamaha FZ150i update. It got new livery update which looks a little bit classic. As we all expected in the previous MM post, this official FZ150i gets the new ‘sampan’ or engine cover and also there is windshield visor included. The colour choices for the FZ150i is red and black. FZ150i are known their excellent fuel economy since it uses fuel injection system.  

The price for Yamaha FZ150i is RM8544.95

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  1. […] The engine are now a little bit different with few upgrades on a number of components. The fuel injection system are now IPA 1 as compared to the previous 3CI system. The ignition are now TCI as compared to the previous CDI system. This actually makes the engine behave differently and now the horsepower has increased to 12.2kW (11.1kW previously) and torque at 14.5Nm (13.1Nm previously). So, this 2014 Yamaha FZ150i actually carries a different engine on its frame. Oh, the frame is still the same diamond-type as of the previous 2008 model. […]

  2. Saiful afham bin roslee says:

    Macammane nak bli fcu(fuel control unit)?dan dekat mane leh buat?sape2 tau tak

  3. lie mafia says:

    warna merah can na ada di pasaran sekarang……

  4. lie mafia says:

    aku nak beli fz nie tp warna merah tak dak lagi di kedai….ada sapa2 yang ada gambaq terbaru fz150i warna merah terkini pls antaq kat aku….

  5. the duchess says:

    damn..how i wish there is grey importer for yamaha bikes in johor..begging for hly mercy to bring super moto it’s not goin to happen.no ball of steel or..no ball at all..even budak sekolah solek moto better…

  6. sub_zero says:

    is this the best you can bring the “wow” factor to attract potential first time buyer/seasoned rider, yamaha?

    proved me wrong then, but if you bring “proper” bike then people keep looking elsewhere then.

    seems like Boon Siew Honda now really trying hard to start back selling “proper” bike by the end of this year

    now whether they can bring CB400 to kill this crappy bike

  7. Syaz says:

    bangang punya HLY

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