Full fairing Suzuki Belang R150?

20120502-075131 PTG.jpg

A full fairing Suzuki Belang R150. I think that this is just rendering from a fan of Belang R150. Anyway, it is looking nice. Good job to anyone who have done this. Or is it the real upcoming bike from Suzuki?

Thanks to Wan Midgee at MM FB page!

8 thoughts on “Full fairing Suzuki Belang R150?”

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    Kot yer pon lampu kat handle tuh boh la untuk meningkatkan keselamatan. Motor beli untuk pelbagai kegunaan bukan setakat buat main track ajer. Heee. Kalau keluar motor ni siapppp! Heeee

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    An MBC members nicknamed “rihuhs” made this photo.
    Actually the front end was taken from a Suzuki Hayate if I’m not mistaken.

    A staff from Suzuki Prai made a suggestion thread there at MBC to collect ideas from the other members on how the bike will look with a different front end characteristic.
    This image is one of the idea though.

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    top speed belang tak leh lawan lc kan lc lec pusing meter hahahahah belang sangkut kat 160 jerk meter digital g pun 110 belang lc 140 muahahahahahhaha.. cian cian belang nih memang tak laju dah tu tak cantik. tp hensemmmmmmmm sangat ..

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