UMA Racing Super Head Pro for Yamaha 135LC – Increase at least 28HP

April 10th, 2012 3:35 pm by

Racing Boy has unveiled today in its FB page this UMA Racing Super Head Pro for Yamaha 135LC. One of the interesting claim of this parts is that it will “increase at least 28HP’. The stock horsepower for Yamaha 135LC is 12HP, so this Super Head Pro are giving additional 16HP to the bike! That is a very brave claim from Racing Boy. I kept looking for the valve size but couldn’t find it. I also don’t know whether this is a special valve head or not. Maybe it is pneumatic valve system? 


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15 Responses to “UMA Racing Super Head Pro for Yamaha 135LC – Increase at least 28HP”

  1. Justin says:

    confirm can get 28hp and no side effect at all ?

  2. Azlim says:

    fren mana nk dapat mono sebelah swing arm lc135

  3. erol says:

    need change block racing 60mm uma racing for lc135…do i need to change the head also???

  4. Zeedd says:

    illogical. 250cc bikes are 26HP at most, and this can pass that. Don’t even need to change anything? Just plug in head and you get 28HP?

    These guys are geniuses!

  5. Caldart says:

    Hello some boby have a news, about where and when we can buy it ?

  6. semotkiller says:

    macam xlogik je…

  7. sTRe3tHunt3R says:

    Teramat tak logik..kebanyakan orang buat macam-macam, blok, head, cam, bearing, ekzos, cdi, baru dapat MAXIMUM pernah tengok 25hp, kalau setakat tukar head ni dapat 28hp, masuk barang2 lain, perghh… kompem 35hp, tambah dengan motor ringan, stakat ER6 rasa kompem boleh kejar.

  8. Mear Biaggi says:

    Skali depa reply camni kat komen :
    “Racing Boy – fix with UMA cylinder 62mm, carburator 34mm, and exhaust, then you will get 28hp ♥”


  9. pekan says:

    no need other modification, just pnp this stuff & ready to beat belang (16.5hp according wikipedia)…dahsyatttt….

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