Honda PCX150 is coming to Malaysia soon

March 13th, 2012 2:06 pm by

Other than the upcoming Honda CRF250L that we are going to see this June 2012, Boon Siew Honda also preparing for the introduction of the Honda PCX150 sometime this year. I heard this from Mr. Koh (or Goh) at MotoXpo KL 2012. I asked him what about the PCX125? He said they are only planning to bring this PCX150 soon. 

Honda PCX150 can be categorized as the midi scooter which have big displacement at 150cc with ample space for both rider along with big enough leg room for maximum comfort. One of the reason people are loving this kind of bike is due to the said comfort and also the big underseat compartment that can accomodate rain coat, wallet, and even helmet.

For daily rider, this PCX150 should a perfect ride. One more thing, you can keep your feet dry without water splashing to it since your feet are is protected from the ground elements.

All pictures are from AP Honda Thailand.

PS: I like this bike too. If it comes with a good price, I think it can be one of the bike I’m considering to buy soon. What do you think guys?

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6 Responses to “Honda PCX150 is coming to Malaysia soon”

  1. Renee says:

    how much is the price for PCX150

  2. ch1810 says:

    yes you are right s c lay , the cash price is about 9.5 k , but anyway this is the time we have been waiting for , at last honda malaysia has bringing in the scooter which can compete to other constructors , i known this model from our neighbouring region , thailand .

  3. s c lay says:

    cool looks,, hope the price is reasonable but not more than 9k !!!!!

  4. cg says:

    I am not keen on this bike cause I suspect it may go selling at RM8888

    I at any time will buy AXELO suzuki

  5. Just_Once says: does have a lot of bikes. Icon, Lagenda 115, 135 LC…

    I’m was looking for step through scooter such as Click 125i.

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