YZF-R15 from Lent Automodified

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YZF-R15 from Lent Automodified

YZF-R15 from Lent Automodified

Lent Automodified is a well known modder in ASEAN. He is very popular in Malaysia. The work that is done by him exceptionally superb.

This Vixion is a perfect example of his work. The Vixion has been modded to resemble the YZF-R15, but the colour choice and minimalist style makes this Vixion is far better than the original version of YZF-R15.

Congratulation on the work well done bro! Check out more of his work here:


Thanks to X Abdillah Teruna for the tips!

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  1. metal says:

    i got this picture from indonesian blog, just simple comparison ..
    just share ..

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