2011 Honda Wave Dash 110RSR vs 2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR Specs Comparison

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Model / Comparison 2011 Honda Wave Dash 110RSR
2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR
Bore x stroke 50.0 x 55.6 mm 50.0 x 57.9 mm
Displacement 109.1 cc 113.7 cc
Cam system SOHC 2-valve, air-cooled SOHC 2-valve, air-cooled
CDI DC-CDI with single mapping DC-CDI with single mapping
Power (kW) 6.22kW (7,500rpm) 6.0 kW at 7500RPM
Torque (Nm) 8.59N.m (5,500rpm) 8.3 N.m/5500 rpm
Transmission 4-speed rotary (N-1-2-3-4-N) 4-speed rotary (N-1-2-3-4-N)motomalaya.net
Gear ratios 4 speed constant mesh
1st Gear:2.615 (34/13)
2nd Gear:1.555 (28/18)
3rd Gear:1.136 (25/22)
4th Gear:0.916 (22/24)
4 speed constant mesh
1st: 2.833 (34/12)
2nd: 1.875 (30/16)
3rd: 1.353 (23/17)
4th: 1.045 (23/22)
Cylinder tech Iron Steel Cast Sleeve Iron Steel Cast Sleeve
Carburetor Keihin PB18? (not sure) Mikuni VM17
Comp. Ratio 9.0:1 motomalaya.net 9.3:1
Fuel tank capacity 3.7 l 4.2 l
Engine oil capacity 1.0 l 800 ml
Front Suspension Telescopic Telescopic
Rear Suspension Twin shocks Twin shocks with Nitrogen gas
Top speed (not official) not known yet 100km/h 100km/h
Front / Rear Brake System 1-piston caliper with 190mm disc brake / drum brake 2-piston caliper with 190mm disc brake / drum brake
Weight 98kg 103kg
Engine start Electric/ kick Electric/ kick
Wheels Alloy cast wheel in gold colour
Alloy cast wheel in blue colour
Price RM5,268.00 OTR cash 1st party single rider RM5,804.00 OTR cash 1st party all rider

The word in green colour shows that the one is better.

Both bike have almost similar specification. The price is also slightly differs. The choice is up to you.

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13 Responses to “2011 Honda Wave Dash 110RSR vs 2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR Specs Comparison”

  1. Just real says:

    kalo race,mula2 wave dash melebihi lagenda 115zr pastu dash kalah bila mencapai top speed..

  2. budak klan says:

    nak mintak pandangan sikit……
    skang nie tgh survey moped under rm6000

    korang rasa yg mana paling elok…….

  3. gajahturbo says:

    so it`s mean that high compression ratio will deliver a better pick up for a bikes???….

  4. gajahturbo says:

    hi..im just a new bie here.just got my red lagenda 115z last week and just want to know based on comparison table, what is compression ratio function?…because lagenda 115zr is better than honda wave dash…

    • eddy says:

      higher compression ratio means the engine will deliver higher combustion power to the crankshaft on every power stroke. Suzuki bikes usually have high compression ratio compare to other bikes.

  5. fikri1996 says:

    kalo race ?
    mane mng..honda ke?

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