2011 Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125 in Indonesia

January 30th, 2011 10:31 pm by

2011 Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125

Another first for Indonesian bikers as they already got their 2011 Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125. The headlamp is quite different which resembles a little like the Suzuki Raider / Belang R150.

The wheel are new design from Suzuki which different than the current models that are available here in Malaysia. The new wheel are much more curvy which is nice. In Indonesia, the wheel are already available from the previous FI model that is also known as the Shogun Hyper Injection.

The front signal lamp has been further lowered for more stylish look. IMHO, we can expect this new bike to arrive to Malaysia soon.

UPDATE (1/8/2011): It is also launched in Malaysia! Click here: http://motomalaya.net/blog/2011/08/01/2011-suzuki-axelo-s-auto-clutch-and-axelo-r-manual-hand-clutch-125-in-malaysia/

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5 Responses to “2011 Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125 in Indonesia”

  1. shogun lemau says:

    berapa tpo speed exelo ? 110km/j – 150km/j ??

  2. okok says:

    bike selling in May 2011
    i love this bike
    may 2011 in malaysia

  3. okok says:

    this bike in assembly
    will be out in May 2011 malaysia

  4. legend says:

    wow, nampak cantik.. harap2 dapat masuk malaysia n dapat boost kan sale suzuki blek.. br bnyk persaingan

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